7th openfoam conference 2019 in Germany


ESI OpenCFD is pleased to announce the 7th Annual OpenFOAM Conference. This event gives a unique opportunity to participate in the current and future Governance of OpenFOAM and to interact with users and developers across the community. This event will take place in Berlin, Germany from 15th to 17th October 2019. This year we will host the event at the Titanic Chaussee Hotel, Berlin, Germany.

Several sessions are available during the two-day conference for short one-to-one meetings with key developers/contributors to OpenFOAM – book your session in advance.

Applications Best Practices (morning)
Optimisation in OpenFOAM (morning)
OpenFOAM made Easy with Visual-CFD (afternoon)
Opensource simulation with OpenFOAM and Scilab (afternoon)
Six years ago in April 2013, ESI premiered the OpenFOAM Conference in Frankfurt, Germany with more than 200 participants from all parts of the world. With a mix of about 35 industrial speakers from Automotive, Chemical, Aerospace, Biotechnologies, Marine, Coastal Engineering etc., the event brought OpenFOAM creators and OpenFOAM users together to exchange and share their ideas and knowledge about OpenFOAM. Attendee numbers increased even more at our second and third OpenFOAM User Conference 2014 in Berlin and 2015 in Stuttgart and also the fourth event, held in October 2016 in Cologne and the fifth event, held in October 2017 in Wiesbaden, was again extremely well received by the worldwide OpenFOAM community. The 6th OpenFOAM Conference, held in October 2018 in Hamburg, focused on Aerodynamics and Optimisation, continuing themes on Aeroacoustics, Multiphase, Fire Modeling, Environment, High Performance Computing, Overset and Meshing and OpenFOAM Technology. For the first time we offered the community a “Meet the Experts” session and take the chance to talk to one of our developers, which was very well visited.

This is the OpenFOAM primary event in all areas of CFD applications and Process integration; useful for CFD engineers, Managers, IT specialists, Developers, Consultants, Researchers, Students, those seeking Continuing Professional Development hour-creditation.

ESI is pleased to fund the winner’s travel and accommodation costs.

How to apply?
For industries and consultants, please complete the abstract template and send it to openfoam2019@esi-group.com before May 30th, 2019.

For students/academics, please complete the student abstract template and send it to openfoam2019@esi-group.com before May 30th, 2019.

For more information, please visit the official web page.

Read more: http://www.mladiinfo.eu/2019/02/19/7th-openfoam-conference-2019-germany/#ixzz5g4zzsNvc

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