Апликациите за Модел на Европската унија Виена се отворени!


Applications for Model European Union Vienna are open!

Applications for Model European Union Vienna are open!


A Model of European Union is a simulation of the European law making process.

The first simulation of the European Union took place in 2007 in Strasbourg (first organized by AEGEE, since 2009 it’s being hosted by our partner BETA e.V) and became a huge success with the support of the European Parliament and the European Commission. Since then, a lot of MEUs can be found in many different countries around Europe and even outside its boundaries, establishing a huge european network and, therefore, creating a big family.

MEU Vienna is the first and only MEU simulation in Austria and had its premier in 2014. Usually taking place the last weekend of February, our fifth edition is expected to happen in February 2018. With the support of BETA, we aim to provide a perfect experience for all participants. Last year, with more than 130 participants from 36 different countries, the MEU Vienna proved that keeps growing, and so the interest on understanding the European Union

The main idea of a MEU is based on the „learning-by-doing“ philosophy: we want to make people aware of „how the European Union works“ by connecting people all around the world and providing them the opportunity of experiencing all the processes involved in the creation of a legally binding text. Each year, two texts will be discussed (usually a Directive and a Regulation, both under the Ordinary Legislative Procedure) and the participants will take the role of an european representative (either in the Council of the European Union or in the European Parliament). Together with the European Commission, those two institutions are in charge of EU legislation. The Commission drafts and initiates new EU legislation, the Parliament and the Council then in turn adopt, reject or amend it. The Commission will be played by the Organising Team, which drafts the directives (or the regulations) for the simulation in advance. The discussion on the proposals is made by amending the initial text through altering existing paragraphs or adding new ones. Participants can also take the role of journalists, covering the event via a newspaper, blog, videos, radio or any other way they want to (Further information about the Roles: Roles Description). With this experience, they will be able to understand what the European Union can do and, perhaps most important, what can’t do.

The MEUs, despite being focused heavily on the law-making process, are not aimed only for people having a legal background or Political Science studies. Our educational program would like to be useful for any kind of people who is genuinely interested on how the decisions that affect us everyday are made. Being part of this decisions and facing the difficulties is one of the most extraordinary ways to „getting out of yourself“ and open your mind for new insights or ideas that could be useful in the future. The enrichment of participating in one of this simulations is unique, not only because of the content itself but also because of the many people from all over the world that one has the opportunity to meet. It’s no coincidence that all the Organizing Team are former participants. It’s very easy to get bitten by the MEU bug.

Model European Union Vienna 2018 will be held from 22th till 25th of February 2018.​


Everybody between the age of 18-30 at the time of the conference can attend.

You don’t have to be from within the EU, you don’t have to be a student.

You can participate whether you are new to MEU simulations or already have participated in one or more.


Participation Fee – 105€.

– Full participation in the MEU Vienna 2018 + Certificate.
– Three nights accomodation in a hostel with other participants.
– Meals (breakfast buffet + lunch + dinner , coffee breaks during the conference also included)
– Public Transport (underground-tram-bus)
– Materials for the conference
– Welcome bag with different goods.
– Social Programme (tour, parties, etc…)*

Participation/Locals Fee – 85€ .
– Everything above is included – NO hotel.**

* In the extra social programme you will probably have to pay your food/drinks. If they are included at some point, we will let you know.
** Since the places in the hostel are limited, we give preference to the international participants. In the case you are a local and you need to stay in the hostel, contact us directly after the application process ([email protected]).


If you want to take part in the MEU Vienna 2018 (22.-25 February 2018), you need to submit an application until December 15. It asks for your contact data, preferences and also for a short letter of motivation in which you tell us why you want to apply for the MEU Vienna. You also need to choose your desired role in the MEU (Member of Parliament, Minister of the Council of the EU or Journalist). When the application period is finished we will go through all applications and choose the participants. In doing so we will try to get a good mix from as many countries as possible and also keep a balanced gender distribution. All applicants will then be contacted by us. Those chosen will then have to transfer the participation fee to our account and in turn will recieve all the information necessary to prepare for the MEU Vienna 2018.

  • You have to write a motivational letter describing why you want to take part in the MEU Vienna.
  • You are required to submit a CV without a photograph.
  • Motivational letter and CV need to be submitted in english.
  • If chosen you will have to pay the participation fee of € 105,-/85,- (with/without hotel) ahead of the conference. If you absolutely can’t afford the participation fee, please contact us to find a solution so that nobody is excluded out of monetary issues, however you have to contact us before the end of the application period in order for your request to be considered. In case of cancellation after the established date, the fee is not refundable.
  • The fee covers the participation, accommodation (if chosen), lunch, dinner and social events. Additional food and transport to-from Vienna to your country has to be paid for by yourself.
  • If the fee is not transfered in time, we reserve the right to give your spot in the conference to somebody else on the waiting list. If you have to cancel, please tell us so in time, so we can find a replacement. Unfortunately, any participation fee transfered can not be returned after the established date (we will inform you via email).
  • If you need a visa to enter Austria, we of course will try to help you as best as we can, but you have to organise it yourself. We can not provide you with an invitational letter, but just a confirmation of participation.
  • The conference is for about 100-140 participants.
  • The official language of the conference is English.
  • The dresscode of the conference is formal attire during all working sessions.

If you have any questions, check the FAQ section or write to: [email protected].

The official web-page.

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