Call for Proposals: Funding Innovation


Call for Proposals: Funding Innovation


SHL is seeking applications for support of educational youth project activities in the eligible countries (Albania, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia, Macedonia, Montenegro, Kosovo, Serbia). The general funding purpose is to strengthen civil society, with a strong focus on socially, economically and politically minoritized and endangered groups.

This year SHL will pay exclusive attention to projects that approach challenges in the context of migration and immigration of youth – may it either be young refugees, IDPs, returnees, asylum seekers or transit migrants. These topics have been relevant in Southeast Europe for several decades before, although the situation of refugees on the so-called Balkan route has changed in the summer of 2015.

The applicant’s projects must be active in the following fields:

  1. The participation and integration of young migrants and refugees in their local community/public life;
  2. Addressing critical living conditions, such as poverty and lack of perspectives of the above mentioned target groups;
  3. Projects that enable political participation and raise awareness for the situation of the target groups thus strengthening civil society.


  • Non-governmental organisations that have participatory and decision-making youth structures in their organizational statute and in daily practice; that implement projects conducted by youth;
  • Have a proven track record in the proposed activities ;
  • Have a clear plan focusing on developing and/or diversifying their activities;
  • Have the technical, managerial and financial capacity to effectively and efficiently implement its activities;
  • Share SHL‘s values, including vision, mission, internationally recognized principles concerning human rights, labour and child protection policies;
  • Can use SHL funding to extend their core activities in ways that create additional opportunities for children and youth


The financial support for any individual intervention would normally be in the range of 100,000 EUR to 150,000 EUR. SHL funding is possible up to a maximum of 3 years.

How to apply?

  • Proposal must be submitted electronically via email by completing the application form;
  • The applications received will be screened internally by SHL staff for their completeness and for meeting the basic criteria as given above;
  • The applications passing the screening process will be subjected to a detailed approval process commencing with an evaluation by SHL selection committee;
  • The applicants of proposals being recommended for long application may be required to provide further information along with supporting documentation, as required by SHL;
  • The selection committee reviews the long application and approves or rejects the proposal. The project coordinator will communicate the decision by the selection committee to the applicants.

The deadline for applications within this Call for Proposals is January 9, 2017.

Project proposals must be submitted electronically to [email protected]

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