CREATEDAV Летна школа 2018 во Канада


CREATEDAV Summer School 2018 in Canada

CREATEDAV Summer School 2018 in Canada


The multi-institutional, interdisciplinary CREATE Program in Data Analytics and Visualization (DAV) at York University in Toronto offers an all-expenses-paid undergraduate summer school on big data science.

The program includes talks by CREATE DAV faculty and industry experts on current research topics in big data science, as well as hands-on experience in York and OCAD U laboratories. The curriculum reflects the wide range of research areas at CREATE DAV, which includes research on machine learning, data mining, signal processing, computer vision, image processing, computer graphics, virtual human modeling, serious games, natural language processing, human perception & cognition, visualization & design.


  • The program accepts undergraduate students who are interested in pursuing a career in big data science;
  • It is intended mainly for students who are planning to apply to graduate school in late 2018, and are interested in investigating interdisciplinary research aspects of the big data science;
  • Citizens of all countries are eligible.


The program covers all transportation costs and provides on-campus accommodations and meals.

How to apply?

In order to apply, please fill the application.

Also, you will need to submit a Reference Letter which should be sent from a referee directly to CREATE DAV Program to [email protected] 

Or by mail to Irina KapshCREATE DAV Program, York University, 4700 Keele Street, LAS 3032, Toronto, Ontario, Canada, M3J 1P3.

In your letter, describe how you know the applicant, their prospects for an academic career, and how they would benefit from attending the summer school.

For more information, please visit the official webpage.

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