Докторат по економија на “CERGE-EI” во Прага


PhD in Economics at CERGE-EI in Prague

PhD in Economics at CERGE-EI in Prague



The CERGE-EI PhD in Economics is a US-style program designed for outstanding students who desire a rigorous graduate education in Economics at a prestigious international institution. The students aim is to pursue academic careers in respected university departments around the world, or to enter high level positions in international organizations, central banks, government ministries, or in private sector organizations.

The program consists of two years of coursework, followed by approximately two to three years of supervised PhD dissertation research. The program leads to an MA degree in Economics awarded under an absolute charter granted by the State of New York, USA, and to a PhD degree in Economics which has an absolute charter granted by the State of New York, USA, and is fully accredited in the Czech Republic under the Charles University in Prague. Graduates thus receive both a US and a Czech PhD degree.

The program is designed to offer advanced education in theoretical and empirical economics. PhD graduates are well equipped to enter pedagogical and research positions in academia. Some of the graduates are employed in the public sector, for instance in government ministries and central banks. Others move to the private sector, typically to the research departments of banks and consulting firms.


  • Strong background in mathematics is an advantage;
  • Sufficient proficiency in English to read, write and fully understand study material is necessary;
  • Previous education in economics is welcome, but not required;
  • Masters degree or equivalent.


Full tuition waiver and stipend to cover living costs starting from USD 6,050 annually.

How to apply?

Apply here: phd@cerge-ei.cz

For more information please visit the official web page.

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