Докторска школа “IIPF” во Минхен, Германија


IIPF Doctoral School 2017 in Munich, Germany

IIPF Doctoral School 2017 in Munich, Germany


The fourth IIPF School for current and recent doctoral students will take place at the Ifo Institute in Munich, Germany in May, 2017. The aim of the IIPF Doctoral School is to provide a forum in which new researchers can meet to learn about and discuss issues at the forefront of academic research in specific fields of public finance. Each doctoral school will be convened by leading and experienced researchers in the relevant field. The convenors will deliver lectures on, and provide an overview of, the school’s topic. New researchers will also have the opportunity to present their own research and receive constructive feedback.

The topic of the 2017 edition of the school will be the dynamics of inequality, and the convenors will be two distinguished scholars on this topic:
  • Uwe Sunde, Professor of Economics, University of Munich
  • Matteo Cervellati, Professor of Economics, University of Bologna.

The school will address the long-term dynamics of inequality by presenting relevant facts and discussing questions and methodology on the current frontier of this research area. Lectures, presentations and discussions will cover several aspects of the evolution of inequality. The topics include the facts regarding short-run and long-run dynamics of inequality in different dimensions: the determinants of inequality, the consequences in terms of policy and institutional change; and the dynamic interaction between economic inequality, demographic inequality and political inequality. The focus will be on both empirical and theoretical applications.

Further details and current information are at: http://www.iipf.org/school_2017.htm.

Directly after the IIPF School, on May 26-27, 2017, the CESifo Area Conference on Employment and Social Protection will take place at the Ifo Institute. 2017 IIPF Doctoral School participants are welcome to attend the workshop. More information is available on the CESifo website: http://www.cesifo-group.org


  • Places in the school are limited. Anyone who is currently enrolled in a relevant PhD programme, or has graduated from a relevant PhD programme within the last 3 years, is invited to apply to participate in the school.
  • The IIPF especially encourages applications from low- and middle-income countries.


With support from co-organisers and other contributors, the IIPF will cover travel costs, accommodation and subsistence costs for a limited number of participants who are unable to raise funds elsewhere.


To apply, please send an email to school@iipf.org  by February 27, 2017. The email should contain the following information:

  • your CV, including details of PhD courses attended, and PhD supervisors;
  • a brief summary of your research agenda;
  • a research paper (if you wish to present it at the School; this is not required);
  • an indication of whether you need financial support for expenses in order to participate;
  • an indication of whether you would like to attend the CESifo Area Conference on Employment and Social Protection conference (this does not affect acceptance probability);
  • one letter of reference, preferably from your PhD supervisor.

Successful applicants will be notified by mid-March 2017. Please contact the conference office (office@cesifo.de) or Barbara Hebele (hebele@iipf.org) in case of questions or inquiries.

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