Двегодишна програма за обука за постдокторски студии


Two-Year Training Program for Postdoctoral Fellows

Two-Year Training Program for Postdoctoral Fellows



Mitacs Elevate is a two-year training program for postdoctoral fellows, in which participants lead and undertake an industrially relevant research project in any discipline. During this time, Fellows receive experiential training in R&D directly through their industry-academic research collaboration and leadership training and business acumen through the program’s training curriculum. With a suite of skills development workshops and activities unique to Mitacs Elevate, Fellows learn about communication, leadership & management and other critical business skills relevant to R&D management careers in academia and industry.
These training opportunities complement Fellows’ specialized expertise and ensure they are ready to lead large-scale research project throughout their careers regardless of their academic disciplines.


  • Postdoctoral fellows may apply if their date of graduation from a PhD program is no more than five years prior to the proposed start date of the research project;
  • Fellows who have held an Accelerate award as a Master’s or PhD student are also eligible to apply;
  • Postdoctoral Fellows who have previously held an Elevate award are not eligible;
  • Canadian citizens, permanent residents and international applicants are eligible to apply;
  • Be based at a university located in the same province as the partner organisation for the duration of the fellowship;
  • Supervisors must hold a faculty appointment and are eligible for Tri-Agency funds.


The two-year postdoctoral award provides:

  • 55,000 USD annual funding (plus 7,500 USD per year non-cash value in training);
  • Exclusive, customized professional development training;
  • Long-term collaborative research project with a non-academic partner.

Fellows receive a stipend/salary of at least 50,000 USD per year. Partners contribute 25,000 USD per year and Mitacs contributes 30,000 USD per year for a total grant of 55,000 USD per year. This includes support for fellows and up to 5,000 USD in research costs for equipment, additional research personnel, conference travel and publication. A 5,000 USD contribution from the academic supervisor or university is required in lieu of provincial funding.

How to Apply?

completed Application Package consists of the following:

  • A completed application form;
  • A memorandum signed by all  parties, including relevant university research office, submitted as a scanned PDF;
  • Applicant’s CV;
  • Proposed academic supervisor’s CV;
  • Three letters of support maximum:;
  • One (1) letter of support from the proposed academic supervisor;
  • One (1) letter of support from a former supervisor or person familiar with the fellow’s research expertise;
  • One (1) letter of support from an eligible partner organization on partner organization letterhead that confirms the amount of the financial commitment;
  • Any supplementary documents as applicable

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