Еко-центричен развој на работата на младите


Eco-centric Development in Youth Work



This training course is built around the process of eco-centric development, inspired from the Wheel of Life/Medicine Wheel concept and is aiming at creating an educational frame which will contribute to the holistic development of youth.

During the training process we will explore and experience a wide variety of concepts such as holistic development, working with vulnerabilities, therapeutic practices, spirituality, connections, rituals and relations with nature.

Through this training we support the participants in exploring these concepts within the context of their personal and professional life. The practices which will be experienced during the course will be translated into educational tools, methods and activities to be used in the youth field, for the personal and professional development of young people.


  • Coming from Bulgaria, Croatia, Cyprus, Czech Republic, Estonia, Greece, Italy, Macedonia, Romania or Spain;
  • Recommended fro Youth workers, Trainers, Youth leaders, EVS mentors/tutors.


“Nature as a teacher” is a project financed by the Erasmus+ Programme, thus all the activities, accommodation and food are 100% covered by the EU grant.

How to Apply?

Please fill the application form online.

For more information follow this website.

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