Европска младинска конференција за спречување на корупцијата (EACYC2017) во Тубинген, Германија


The European Anti-Corruption Youth Conference (EACYC2017) in Tubingen, Germany

The European Anti-Corruption Youth Conference (EACYC2017) in Tubingen, Germany


Deadline:  7 May 2017
Open to: young European activists between the ages of 18 and 30 years old
Venue: 27– 29 May 2017, Tubingen, Germany


The European Anti-Corruption Youth Conference (EACYC2017) on Whistleblower Protection will bring together 30 young Europeans interested and experienced in the topic of Whistleblowing and eager to change the prevalent insufficiencies in whistleblower protection in Europe. Anti Corruption International is looking forward to host experts and young people from all across Europe for this 3-day event in the city of Tübingen, Germany on May 27th-29th.

A combination of thematic workshops and public talks during the first two days of the conference will lay the knowledge foundation for the participants to suggest a progressive legislation on whistleblower protection for the European Union. This statement will be developed during Parliament Day on the third day of the conference, where Members of the European Parliament and a representative of the European Commission will give the participants insight into the policy making process on the EU-level and participants will debate and adopt a legislation in a plenary session. The outcome of the conference will feed directly into the impact assessment of the EC and therefore plays an important role in communicating the voice of young Europeans to the EC.


The candidates who show high interest in working on whistleblowers’ rights. It should be noted that candidates are not required to have previous experience on the given topic.


  • Half of the participants will be hosted by local students, the other half will reside in a guesthouse/inn called Gasthaus Lamm.
  • Accommodation and meals are included in the participation fee of 75 EUR. However, no financial support can be given for your travel arrangements.
  • Upon notification of your participation on May 10th, we will ask you to transfer the participation fee to our bank account.


We aim to have young European participants, who will have the time to be fully engaged in the follow-up projects and campaigns (in duration of between 2 months – 18 months, the campaign will continue until a law is passed which could be the case in late 2018). However, the time commitment will not be an exclusionary criterion.

Chosen candidates will be divided into groups, where they will be asked to prepare some indicated material before arrival. The material will be one of several publications on recommendations regarding how a whistleblower protection can look like.

If the above criteria matches you, we encourage you to submit your application until Sunday, 7th of May 11 pm UTC+2.

We will get back to you no later than Wednesday, 10th of May to inform you about your participation.

In order to apply, register HERE.

If you have any questions, feel free to contact us via email: eacyc@anticorruption-intl.org.

The official web-page.

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