Guest Speaker in the ELT Methods class

Guest Speaker in the ELT Methods class


On 3 April 2018, the UACS School of Foreign Languages students taking the course ELT Methods hosted Matt Murrie, MA, author of the book of What If…? and designer of the What If…? Curiosity Based Learning. He connects educators and students, who firmly believe curiosity is a natural resource that can be converted into a powerful energy to learn English and communicate globally.

He is a former English professor and current Social Entrepreneurship professor and coordinator of Innovation for the Churchill Institute for Global Engagement at Westminster College. A graduate of Columbia University’s Teacher’s College, he has over a decade of teaching experience in five countries on three different continents as a public school teacher, Peace Corps volunteer, and college professor. Matt is currently working for Belouga, an enterprise that works completely online, allowing students to learn about and discuss each other’s lives from anywhere, share their classroom, culture, community, collaborate with their peers around the world and make a considerable impact.

The students participated in an activity initiated by the guest speaker, by using the What If …? approach and exploring the level of their curiosity and creativity. They started with a question relatable to them: What if we didn’t study languages?

Matt Murrie has visited several education institutions in Macedonia, talking about his approach, and this visit to UACS has been part of his last tour here.


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