Инспиративна програма за социјални иноватори


SE 100 Inspiring Social Innovators Programme

SE 100 Inspiring Social Innovators Programme



Social Enablers, one of the widely read content platforms on social entrepreneurship and social innovations globally, is all set to handpick SE 100 most inspiring Social Innovations and Social Entrepreneurs around the world. This is our humble step to celebrate the real social enablers who put effort to bring in social or environmental impact innovatively.

Starting from the present year, is selecting 100 Social Innovations and Social Entrepreneurs around the world every year in order to appreciate the significant effort they put in to create a better world.


Social enterprises that have completed at least one year of functioning will be considered for the SE 100. The enterprises should have sustainable development goals while demonstrating excellence in the following criteria:

  •  Excellent vision and strategic direction;
  •  Clear leadership and management of the organization;
  •  A clear evidenced social, environmental and community impact;
  •  Show sustainability in terms of profit and growth;
  •  Leads an enterprise that is at least one year old;
  •  Innovative: An idea with a novel approach to address a social problem;
  •  Collaborative: A project that engages and enlists others;
  •  Social Impact: A solution with a positive and measurable impact;
  • Must support one of UN SDG Goals.


Selected SE 100 social innovations will benefit from one or more of the following and most importantly will get the exposure they need to help further their projects.

  • Connect with Impact Angel Investors for funding;
  • Free pass to First Global Social Innovation summit from social enablers in India;
  • Mentorship In-Kind Services.

How to apply?

In order to apply please fill the application.

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