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Baillet Latour Antarctica Research Fellowship for International Students

Baillet Latour Antarctica Research Fellowship for International Students


The Baillet Latour Antarctica Fellowship provides young scientists with the opportunity to conduct research in East Antarctica while operating out of Princess Elisabeth Antarctica research station.

A joint initiative of the Baillet Latour Fund and the International Polar Foundation, the 150,000 EUR  Baillet Latour Antarctica Fellowship award aims to promote scientific excellence in Antarctica and underscores the crucial role polar science plays in furthering the understanding of the Earth and how it functions.

The successful applicant will continue to work at their current research organization and conduct original research while operating from the Princess Elisabeth Antarctica station.


Applicants should:

The fellowship is open to applicants from any country in the world. Applicants must be either doctoral researchers or post-doctoral researchers who have completed their Ph.D. within the last 10 years.

  • be post-doctoral researchers or doctoral researches within 10 years of obtaining PhD;
  • be from any nationality;
  • have the physical capacity to carry out the research being proposed (medical examinations are requred for any field campaign);
  • have previously unsuccessful applicants;
  • not have been a previous winner of the Antarctica Fellowship;

Proposed research project must:

  • be in one of four fields: (1) atmospheric sciences (2) geology (3) glaciology (4);
    microbiology (excluding marine microbiology);
  • be carried out at or in the vicinity of Princess Elisabeth Station;
  • concern original research for which no publication has already been submitted by the applicant;
  • demonstrate need for the research to be carried out in Antarctica;
  • demonstrate how the activity would be linked to SCAR priority themes;


  • The Fellowship awards 150,000 EUR to a young scientist to conduct a research project in Antarctica over a two-year period;
  • These funds cover two field campaigns during two austral summers including all  academic and research costs, living and travel expenses as well as logistics costs.

How to Apply?

  1. ApplicationForm;
  2. Financial Annex (detailed budget);
  3. Academic Curriculum vitae which includes:
  • Full bibliography + recent photo;
  • List of skills, interests and languages;
  • List of previous field experience and field skills;
  • Previous experience in project management in the proposed research domain (include: project titles, time periods, amount and, source of funding);

Please send your full application (all above files) to: fellowship@polarfoundation.org

For more information please visit the official website.

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