IV Меѓународна конференција – Унапредување на здравјето во образовниот процес: Традиции и иновации


IV International Conference «Health Promotion in the Educational Process: Traditions and Innovations

IV International Conference «Health Promotion in the Educational Process: Traditions and Innovations


IV International conference «Health Promotion in the Educational Process: Traditions and Innovations» will take place on the 7th April 2016 in Belgorod, Russia. We welcome submissions for panel sessions, poster presentations, workshop proposals and articles that will be published in the collection of works.

The conference aims to offer the opportunity to exchange knowledge and experience about the best practice in creating a healthy environment throughout the educational process, building a health-conscious attitude within educational institutions and promoting an awareness about health issues amongst students and staff.

Topics to be covered at the conference:

  • modern and novel tendencies in health pedagogy in Russia and abroad;
  • normative and legal standards/guarantees relating to safe environments in educational institutions;
  • programmes and projects which have promoted and celebrated good health;
  • building a health-conscious attitude among students in educational organisations, which they can carry into later life;
  • planning and realisation of healthy lifestyle building programmes of students in accordance with the state learning standards for basic and secondary education;
  • innovative approaches to promote a healthy lifestyle to students;
  • inter-institutional cooperation and activities that create and foster a healthy environment for young people;
  • theoretical and technological aspects of physical and recreational activities in educational and sports organizations;
  • organizational aspects of a healthy and safe learning environment;
  • information security within educational processes and institutions;
  • professional competence managing the delivery of health strategies, and their safe implementation.


We welcome decision makers, researchers and practitioners from the health, education and social sectors, and those from governmental and local organizations.

Activities at the conference:

plenary sessions, panels, public lectures, poster sessions, workshops, publications in the conference collection of works.


We hereby invite academics and professionals working in the fields of secondary, higher and vocational education to come together and share their insights, concerns, needs and vision for promoting children’s health.


  • The participation in the conference including the attendance of the workshops and lectures is free of charge. Organisers can provide accommodation and meals for the participant subject to the availability of funds.
  • The fee for the publication in the collection of works depends on the volume of the publication (200 rubles per page). A delivery of the copy of the collection of works can be arranged for the participants C.O.D. (cash on delivery).
  • Payment for publication in the conference is made through bank transfer (bank details Appendix 5). The exception can be made for foreign participants (payments can be made in cash at arrival).
  • The expenses associated with the transportation to and from Belgorod, accommodation and meals are beared by the sending organization or by the participant.
  • The price of personal certificate of participation that can be issued on request is 100 Russian rubles.


Russian and English are the working languages of the conference.

The deadline for application is 1st March, 2017. All applications including the following documents shall be sent to  [email protected]:

  • application form (Appendix 1);
  • article (according to the style requirements (Appendix 2)),  poster (Appendix 3) or workshop proposal (Appendix 4);
  • payment receipt (payment form in Appendix 5).


Applications shall be sent as separate files attached to the letter:

The title of the article file (poster presentation script or workshop plan) should include the name of the participant and the type of the file (e.g. Ivanov article, Ivanov poster, Ivanov workshop).

The application form should include the name of the participant and indicate that it is the application form (e.g. Ivanov application form).

Kindly include applicant’s name and word ‘payment’ in the title of the copy of the payment confirmation (e.g. Ivanov payment).

All received documents will be considered in order to be qualified as fitting to the main topic of the conference, plagiarism and style.

The list of the accepted articles will be published by the 1st March 2017 at  http://beliro.ru/.


In order to apply, register HERE.



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Belgorod Institute of Educational Development

Phone number: +7(4722) 31-58-15

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