Конкурс за аналитичар/истражувач за транспорт во Атина, Грција


Vacancy for Transportation Analyst/Researcher in Athens, Greece

Vacancy for Transportation Analyst/Researcher in Athens, Greece


Title: Transportation Analyst/Researcher

Location: Athens, Greece

Contract duration and type: 12 months, Full-Time, with possibility to extend

Salary: €38,365

Start date: September 1st, 2017

Job posting status: Active

Job Summary

During your time in Athens you will work on developing an algorithm/model that incorporates user feedback, data analytics and transportation theory. Your work will be the foundation for a smartphone application that aims to predict, analyse, propose and model user movements in sequences of trips. We do not merely want to optimize movement from A to B, we want to make it faster, more pleasant and safer. As an engineer working with datasets, you probably have seen how these datasets relate to the system rather than the person. Currently, user feedback is a means for calibrating. What we believe is that user feedback is a means for extending and enriching the datasets. Only then can we transmit a meaningful message to the user and propose a better tour, based on his/her preferences.


What needs to be done

  • Develop a model for analysing and predicting tours while incorporating user feedback in pseudo real time (experimental) conditions for Public Transport
  • Design and perform a survey for acquiring user feedback
  • Data analytics and data fusion of public transport and user feedback datasets
  • Analyse the effectiveness of existing algorithms for tour planning, extend them or create new
  • Analyse travellers’ behaviour with respect to destination, route, mode and time choice
  • Conceptualize smart methods for obtaining user feedback in a smartphone application


What is perfect for the position

  • PhD in a field relevant to transportation, systems engineering, applied mathematics, data analytics (other fields will be considered)
  • Knowledge of transportation modelling and forecasting
  • Some background in programming (such as Matlab/Octave, Python)
  • Excellent knowledge of English
  • Has not worked or studied in Greece for more than 12 months in the past 3 years
  • A collaborative attitude and out-of-the-box thinking


What are my benefits

  • Working in a team with significant innovation potential that encourages and builds on “crazier-the-better” ideas
  • Extensive training program to improve entrepreneurial, academic and innovation skills
  • Participate in international conferences and publish scientific manuscripts
  • Receive practical and economical assistance for relocating to Greece
  • Insurance coverage and monthly transportation pass for Public Transport


Want to apply? Then go ahead! Send a motivation letter (max 1 page) and your CV (max 2 pages) to [email protected]. Nothing too fancy, just tell us who you are and why you want to join the AETHON team!

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