Конкурс за инженер во компанијата “R.I.S.K.” (Баку, Азербејџан)


Vacancy for Engineer at R.I.S.K. Company (Baku, Azerbaijan)

Vacancy for Engineer at R.I.S.K. Company (Baku, Azerbaijan)


R.I.S.K. Company is looking for highly-motivated individuals to work as: Engineer.



●   Understanding of OSI Networking Model and interaction between each layer.



●   Understanding of Layer2 Switching operation logic;

●   Understanding of Virtual LAN, VLAN tagging, Port Link Aggregation concepts, and VTP, STP protocols;

●   Analyzing Traffic flow steps in Layer2 Switching environment;

●   Experience of implementing L2 switching products of the various vendors;

●   IPv4 Addressing and Subnetting, and IP Routing concepts;

●   Understanding of devices Layer3 routing operation logic;

●   Static Routing, Routing between VLANs (Router on a Stick, Layer3 Switch SVIs) and Dynamic Routing Protocols (RIP, OSPF, EIGRP, BGP basic concepts), VRF concept;

●   Analyzing Layer3 Traffic flow steps;

●   Experience of implementing L3 switching and routing products of the various vendors;

●   Understanding of DNS, DHCP, NAT, ACL Services;

●   FHRP Protocols (HSRP, VRRP, GLBP);

●   Network monitoring experience (Log management, SNMP, Netflow).



Troubleshooting skills based on the basic following approach:

●   Isolating the issue, finding root cause and solving the problem.

Troubleshooting skills by using traffic flow and system/device working logic analysis method.



●   Understanding of segmentation/micro segmentation concepts;

●   Understanding of features of the Traditional (Layer4) Firewalls;

●   Understanding of technologies of the Next Generation Firewalls and experience of implementing NGFW;

●   Experience of implementing IDS/IPS;

●   Experience of implementing Email Security;

●   Experience in VPN methods such as Site-to-Site, DMVPN, GRE Tunnels, and Remote Access;

●   Understanding of Forward Proxy and Reverse Proxy concepts;

●   Understanding of Network Access Control concept (dot1x, RADIUS, TACACS+, various EAP framework protocols);

●   Understanding and experience of implementing Network Infrastructure Security mechanisms (mitigation of mac flooding, arp cache poisoning, ip spoofing, rogue dhcp server, various DoS attacks, etc.);

●   Able to perform Vulnerability Assessments;

●   Basic Knowledge of SIEM system;

●   Understanding of Penetration Testing methodologies.



●   Honest;

●   Faithful;

●   Communicability.



●   Basic understanding of Web Application Firewall concept;

●   Experience in Windows/Linux operating systems, VMWare VSphere;

●   Knowledge at the level of CCNP R&S, CCNP Security.


Candidates should send applications to [email protected].



End of submission date is 4th of August.

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