Конкурс за менаџер на кујна во Лондон, Велика Британија


Vacancy for Kitchen Manager in London, UK

Vacancy for Kitchen Manager in London, UK


Vacancy: Kitchen Manager

We have been based in Central London since 2007 and we’re a super busy Scandinavian lunch time café and deli. Lots of magic happens in our kitchen. Every day, the Kitchen Angels magic up lots of beautiful open sandwiches, amazing fresh seasonal salads and bake lovely cakes and buns.

We’re looking for that special someone to join the team and take an active day-to-day and longer term focus and role in the management of our kitchen team. This used to be Bronte’s job back in the day, then it was Rebekka’s (she is still with us, running things at StockHome). It’s a great job for a manager with good food skills who knows how to run a team and to make nice food in a professional environment.

The duties include:

  • Day to day preparation of food for the café – open sandwiches, salads, cakes, breakfast, specials and more.
  • Operationally manage the team in the kitchen (we’re a small but efficient team of 3 full timers) – and design daily lists and operational methods.
  • Oversee all Kitchen H&S and Food safety and be responsible for this being above and beyond what is required. That kitchen is always clean.
  • Oversee daily orderings, issues and operational matters
  • Responsible for Catering planning – menu, some sales and the execution of catering orders both on and off site
  • Menu planning for weeks ahead – and look after basic costings for café food
  • Assist with planning menu for additional business opportunities, planned for… we can’t tell you any more than that. There are plans in the pipeline. You can be part of those, too – and there is scope for this role to grow.
  • Everybody on the team works 5 out of 7 days a week – and we swap weekends, so everybody does his or her fair share. We are mostly day-time only (except when there is catering) – and you will work full time.

Required experiences and skills

  • You love food – and you know what we mean by that, because, well, you do.
  • Minimum 1 year of working in a professional kitchen environment. While we are happy to consider someone not of a traditional kitchen background or chef background, we absolutely insist you have some practical experience of working in a professional kitchen.
  • Experience of managing people
  • Experience and exposure of some budgetary work, costings or similar financial knowledge. We’re not talking high level, just enough to understand how we need to operate a kitchen that is minimal waste, highest quality for what we do and at solid profitability.
  • Food Hygiene and H&S knowledge is solid (if you are not from the UK, we will take you through local exams, but we need evidence of previous paperwork)
  • You’re not scared of hard work. You get your hands dirty and you are part of the team, not just a manager who swans around delegating. We want someone who inspires and manages, but mucks in daily, too.
  • You’re not the type of chef who shouts at people. We work on instant feedback – but fair and calm.
  • You’re honest, kind and get on well with others.
  • Ideally, you have a background knowledge of Scandinavian food – but this is not essential. We do require fluent English. Knowledge of a Nordic language is helpful.
  • Permission to work and live in the UK

The role is salaried monthly (according to experience), and we offer private healthcare insurance after 3 months. We operate a nice working environment and try to be as fair as we can with schedules so we all get a good work/life balance. You’ll also have access to a lot of meatballs.

The role starts 15th August (+/-). We would like to start interviews before 26th July, so do let in touch – the role will be advertised until we find The One.

Need more info? Email us [email protected]

Or look here www.ScandiKitchen.co.uk

Ready to apply? Send your CV with a cover note about why you want to work with us to: [email protected]

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