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Master in Business Administration – the Netherlands School for Innovative Education

Master in Business Administration – the Netherlands School for Innovative Education


A full-time MBA degree – Master in Business Administration – is a study program which allows you to advance your knowledge about business. Full-time one year MBA programs will let you to broaden your perspective, to have a better picture of the work of the companies. And, of course, an MBA degree is always a good addition to your resume. But not everyone has an opportunity to follow one-year long full-time program. For those who values time but at the same time wants to develop knowledge about the business – we have designed the two-week express MBA program! The express program will provide you the overview of the most fundamental topics taught within a full-time MBA program. It will let you understand international business better and advance in your career!

Two-week express MBA course is organized by the Netherlands School for Innovative Education. The English language course will take part from 15th to 29th October 2017 in Moscow, Russia. We will offer the same course but in Russian language from 19th November till 3rd December.

We invite you to join a very intense program which will provide you a large set of knowledge as well as develop your practical skills in business.

Increase your value on labor market – join an express MBA course!

MBA in general and this express course in particular is a highly practical study. In contrast to a regular university master – what you learn within MBA courses is mostly what you will need during your work. And that is why within MBA courses there is no room for long theories and concepts. You learn only what is actually can be applied within the business. And of course within an express MBA course there is even less time to learn complex theories and that is why we only provide the material which has high practical value. What we teach is directly aimed to be used within the international business field.

But can someone learn a lot within just two weeks?! Our answer is…YES! Why we think so? Because the program is designed by a group of MBA graduates who included the best in it from what they have learnt during their full time MBAs! We out in a two-week program a large cluster of material. We have chosen from existing one-year MBA programs the most important, the most useful and valuable knowledge and provide it within this course. We make sure after two weeks you will know the most important foundations of the business administration. Two-week express course will introduce to you the most significant aspects of a full-time MBA course!

For whom is this course? For those who work in a company and want to develop further! This course will let you to receive an express MBA certificate which will prove to your employer that you are a good candidate to consider for the promotion! This course is for those who are working already or would like to get started with own start-up. The course will give you knowledge and skills which you can apply for starting and developing your own business!

The participants who will complete the course will be provided the certificate from the recognized institution – the Netherlands School for Innovative Education.

Join an express MBA program! Make a big step forward in your career! Break a glass celling at your work and get a job you want!



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