Магистерски стипендии на Филмскиот Институт – Филмска академија Охрид


Master Scholarships at Film Institute – Film Academy Ohrid

Master Scholarships at Film Institute – Film Academy Ohrid



FIOFA is a new film academy, situated in Ohrid. It continues in the long tradition of the Prague Film and TV School (FAMU), the fifth oldest film school in the world. FAMU’s graduates include many influential filmmakers and screenwriters, many known within international context as Oscar winners or laureates of international film festivals.

Film Institute – Film Academy Ohrid has opened a Call for second round of scholarship applications. The Film Institute is pleased to announce that is opening its second round of applications and is offering 5 scholarships per department for master programs of:

  • Screenwriting;
  • Creative Producing;
  • Directing (only 1 place left),
  • Cinematography;
  • Post Production: Picture & Sound.

Find more about FIOFA equipment on the following link.


Undergraduate students from any major are eligible to apply.


The tuition fee of 9,000 EUR is covered by the Ministry of Education & Science.

How to apply?

Find the application form and the department requirements on the following link.

Please find the detailed application procedure and the official contact persons for each step here.

For further information and application requirements visit FIOFA official webpage, their official Facebook page or their Instagram profile.

The official contact person is FIOFA Communication Officer Arin Agich, who can be reached at [email protected] and +389 70 497 792.

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