Магистерски стипендии за инжинерство за интернет и мултимедија во Италија


Master Scholarship in Internet and Multimedia Engineering in Italy

Master Scholarship in Internet and Multimedia Engineering in Italy



The Master Program in Internet and Multimedia Engineering of the University of Genoa provides advanced education on the signal, image, and video processing, networking and telematics, cybersecurity, mobile and fixed communications systems, and applied electromagnetics.

University builds high-level ICT professionals in the Internet, Multimedia, and Telecommunication Engineering, with vision and knowledge on the current technology evolution, and ready to face the challenges of the Internet-of-Things, Big Data, Smart Systems and Machine Learning era.

This program has a strong characterization of Internet engineering on one side, and toward signal processing and multimedia systems, either networked or stand-alone, on the other side.
Students learn how to address the design, management, and operation of distributed communication and processing architectures and multimedia applications, in mobility and over heterogeneous networks, with diverse levels of smartness and interactivity.

The program has 2-year duration, includes 120 ECTS, and finishes with the defense of a master thesis. Classes start in the second half of September.

The University of Genoa offers scholarships and accommodation to its students through the ALFA Liguria regional authority. Dedicated grants for the students of this program may be provided in each academic year.


  • Applicants must have a Bachelor (or equivalent) degree;
  • Test Requirement [SAT, GRE, GMAT];
  • English Language Requirement: [TOEFL/IELTS] CEFR level B2 is recommended but is not a strict admission requirement.


  • Students, who enrol in the program and are less than 35 years old, can apply for scholarships provided by ALFA LIGURIA (Regional Authority for School and University Services) and to other benefits and services, including accommodation;
  • Scholarship values range between approximately 3.800 and 4.800 EUR (including restaurant and accommodation services). Rankings for students enrolling in the first year of the master program depend on yearly revenues. Rankings for students enrolling in the second year depending on the number of acquired credits (minimum 30 ECTS), the related grades, and the yearly revenues.

How to apply?

  • You are strongly advised to upload your curriculum, titles, and qualifications for a re-evaluation, and contact the program coordinator, [email protected];
  • Visas are generally required for non-EU students. No visa is necessary for EU students;
  • For students coming from outside EU: you MUST also pre-enroll to this program at the Italian embassy/consulate in your country. This step is MANDATORY for non-EU students;
  • Consular and visa procedures may be time-consuming, and acting ahead is strongly advisable.

In order to apply, please register here.

For more information, please visit the official web page.

Објавата е преземена целосно од: http://www.mladiinfo.eu/2018/03/19/master-scholarship-internet-multimedia-engineering-italy/#ixzz5JVzcA32V

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