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Scholarships for International Business Law Master’s program in Georgia

Scholarships for International Business Law Master’s program in Georgia


Program description

University of Georgia has an English language master’s program that focuses on International Business Law. Most of our lecturers have advanced degrees from universities in the United States, Canada, the United Kingdom, or Western Europe.

The Legal Research and Writing (LRW) curriculum is one of the fundamental elements of the program. Students complete three LRW courses over three semesters: Legal Drafting, Academic Writing, and Moot Court. All students must then compete in a rigorous moot court competition, which includes legal research of a novel issue of law, writing briefs in support of both the claimant and respondent positions, and oral advocacy. Some students compete in one of several international moot competitions, while others compete in an internal competition.



  • A candidate must have a bachelor’s degree in Law;
  • Required level of English language is B2. A candidate must provide an evidence of English level;
  • All students who meet the above criteria will be considered.


Tuition fee consists of $4000 for each year ($8000 for full program). Scholarships worth up to $2,000 are available to selected international students.



In order to complete your application, please send a completed Application and all the required documents, listed below. After submission you will receive a confirmation letter from the Office of Admissions. Applications and other required documents must be sent to the admission office: [email protected]

Note: All documents should be scanned and converted in pdf format.

List of the required documents:


Application Fee:

The application fee is 100 USD (non-refundable). Application fee includes translation, notarization, recognition of the foreign education and enrollment costs.


For more information about admissions, visit – https://www.ug.edu.ge/page/full/71

For more information about UG Law School and International Business Master’s program visit:






Contact information

[email protected]

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