Master’s program in logic and compution at the Vienna University of technology



Logic and Computation is a Master’s program in computer science at the Vienna University of Technology. Its name stands for an interdisciplinary field that has its roots in mathematics, computer science, and logic.

This program is aimed at highly motivated students who want to gain knowledge in the following fundamental fields of computer science:

Algorithms and complexity

Knowledge representation and artificial intelligence
Logic, mathematics and theoretical computer science
Programming languages and verification
As a Master student, you will learn basic and advanced methods in the field of Logic and Computation. Furthermore, you will have the opportunity to gain insight into state-of-the-art knowledge by working together with top researchers belonging to our research groups.

They offer scholarships to support outstanding students to study in the Master’s Program in Logic and Computation. They are awarded annually and typically last for the duration of the master’s program (up to two years).


Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science or Mathematics(Bologna first cycle) or equivalent degree
Extensive knowledge and interest in (at least one of) the following areas:
Logic in Computer Science
Formal Methods and Verification
Foundations of Artificial Intelligence
Complexity Theory
Computer Security
Proficiency in English
Applicants must be eligible for admission to the Master’s Program in Logic and Computation. While applications for funding can be filed before or in parallel with the admissions process, the funding will only be awarded to applicants who have been unconditionally admitted to the master’s program. An application for funding does not replace the admissions process; neither does a conditional offer of funding entitle the applicant to study at TU Wien.
Recipients of funding must be committed to demonstrating good progress during their studies (at least 30 ECTS after the first year)
Recipients of funding will reside in Austria during term time for the duration of their studies. Exceptions and temporary interruptions of the stay during term time (e.g., for internships or research visits) are subject to approval.


The students who are awarded a scholarship receive EUR 6000 annually, paid in installments. Among the scholarships is the Helmut Veith Stipend, dedicated to the memory of an outstanding computer scientist who worked in the fields of logic in computer science, computer-aided verification, software engineering, and computer security. Once per year, the Helmut Veith Stipend is awarded to one excellent female student and, unlike the ordinary scholarships, includes a waiver of the tuition fees.
They offer research fellowships for students who want to actively participate and contribute to research projects. The fellowships, which are compatible with the above scholarships are limited to the second-year students of the program, and amount to approximately EUR 440 per month.
How to apply?
For more information, please visit the official web page.

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