Меѓународен младински амбасадор


International Youth Ambassador

International Youth Ambassador



ECL Youth Ambassadors are leaders, who represent ECL in their home country. The program seeks to gather highly motivated young people, aged 18-35, who are passionate about preventing cancer and want to share this enthusiasm with their peers across Europe.
The aims are:

  • To understand, from young people themselves, what works and what doesn’t work when communicating cancer prevention messages;
  • To harness the networks of each youth ambassador to disseminate the recommendations of the European Code Against Cancer;
  • To offer training and support for youth ambassadors to enable them to develop their health advocacy skills;
  • Encourage the sharing of knowledge and experience between youth ambassadors.


Youth ambassadors can be students, professionals, or volunteers from any relevant discipline to health promotion and diseases prevention. The key requirement is that ambassadors can demonstrate their passion for health promotion, and are willing to disseminate and amplify the messages of the European Code Against Cancer.


Youth ambassadors are expected to be involved in the following tasks:

  • Commit to attending the annual workshop, which is held in June or July each year;
  • Engage in one activity (additional to the annual workshop) during the year to promote the European Code Against Cancer and provide feedback on the activity to the ECL secretariat;
  • Additional opportunities to participate in events and conferences will be made available on an ad-hoc basis. In addition, regular teleconferences will be held during the year and a dedicated newsletter will be published twice per year highlighting the activities of the ambassadors;
  • Ambassadors will be encouraged to share ideas and experiences during the teleconferences to shape the program of the annual workshop and provide intelligence on the progress of dissemination activities;
  • In addition, a google group or ambassadors is available to facilitate a regular exchange of information.

How to Apply?

Fill in an application form If you have any questions, please contact to Mariam Beridze at intern@europeancancerleagues.org

For more information please visit the official web page.

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