Меѓународна летна школа “Landscape” во Русија


The Landscape International Summer School 2017 in Komi, Russia

The Landscape International Summer School 2017 in Komi, Russia


Arctic Sustainable Arts and Design (ASAD) thematic network has received funding from Nordic Council of Ministries and SIA to develop international research and educational Summer Schools 2017–2019. The Summer School initiative is called Living in the Landscape (LiLa).

First Summer School will be held in Syktyvkar, Komi Republic, Russia in 2017. It brings together researchers, lecturers and Master and PhD students from different disciplines to learn from each other in the study of landscape.

LiLa seeks to develop long-term multidisciplinary operational model for international Summer School organised in collaboration with 4 Universities (University of Lapland, Finland; Syktyvkar State University, Komi, Russia; Arctic University of Norway; Uppsala University, Sweden), museum, research and education institutions in each country. This multidisciplinary scientific collaboration is designed to meet the emerging challenges on environmental, population and economic life issues in the Arctic caused by climate change and globalization. LiLa aims to find culturally and socially sustainable solutions to meet the need of sustainable development and thus benefit its inhabitants, communities and other stakeholders.

The model is developed on multidisciplinary expertise and culturally sensitive methods; nature sciences, ecology, environmental humanities, anthropology, literature, visual arts, media technology and education for sustainability come together to invest and study Northern environments and support sustainability of rural communities in cooperation with them. The intention is to create dialogue and support people living in the northern landscapes and traditional culture.

More information: http://www.asadnetwork.org/summer-school-2017.html
Timo Jokela:
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Elina Härkönen:
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