Меѓународна летна школа за студии за компаративни конфликти


The 2017 International Summer School in Comparative Conflict Studies

The 2017 International Summer School in Comparative Conflict Studies


With the support of the European Fund for the Balkans (EFB), we are now offering 10 scholarships for strong applicants to participate in the 2017 International Summer School in Comparative Conflict Studies. The 2017 Summer School will take place at the Faculty of Media and Communications in Belgrade, from June 25 to July 2, 2017.


  1. Citizens from the Western Balkans to include: Albania, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Croatia, Kosovo, Macedonia, Montenegro, and Serbia.
  2. Citizens from other in- and post-conflict countries to include: Cyprus, Israel, Northern Ireland, and Palestine.

Applicants’ Requirements:

  • CFCCS will receive applications from graduate students [PhD or MA students who are still taking course work or working on thesis/dissertation but did not graduate yet];
  • Advanced BA students who will begin their final year of studies during academic year 2017/18 or are graduating this academic year;
  • Civil Society activists and/or workers, who are engaged in work for an civil society organization [with at least 2 years of experience];
  • Activists / NGO workers can be currently also students, or hold already an academic degree; and
  • Independent activists with a strong CV.


What does the EFB Scholarship include?

  1. Recipients of the EFB scholarship from the Western Balkans may be offered a tuition waiver and/or accommodation for the duration of the Summer School and/or travel expenses (by bus to/from Belgrade).
  2. Recipients of the scholarship from other countries are offered a tuition waiver and/or accommodation for the duration of the Summer School. The EFB scholarship will not cover the travel expenses to/from Belgrade as well as the Serbian visa application costs if required.

What will be expected from the candidates who receive the EFB scholarship?

  1. Full participation in the Summer School course of your choice and additional activities throughout the week;
  2. Recipients of EFB scholarship will be approached by the Fund and invited to join the EFB Community. An introduction meeting with the representative of the EFB will be organized during the summer school.
  3. EFB scholarship recipients will be offered an opportunity to participate in one of the EFB conferences/trainings/meetings, as members of the EFB Community Network.


  1. Submit the online EFB Scholarship application form;
  2. A strong letter of recommendation by your academic adviser or supervisor, written specifically for the Summer School Application and sent directly by your adviser / supervisor to the Summer School Coordinator, Aleksandar Škundrić at aleks@cfccs.org;
  3. Upon reviewing your application, a skype interview may be scheduled.

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