Меѓународна студентска конференција на Универзитетот во Приштина


University of Prishtina International Student Conference 2017 - UPISC'17

University of Prishtina International Student Conference 2017 – UPISC’17


University of Prishtina “Hasan Prishtina” is organizing “International Student Conference 2017” (herein: UPISC’17). It will be conducted solely by its students with the support of academic staff of University of Prishtina.

The main purpose of the conference is to gather students from all over the world, to present and exchange their knowledge and experience, emphasizing their scientific knowledge. UPISC’17 will include around 80 students from all over the world. UPISC’17 calls for undergraduate, graduate and postgraduate students from the field of Economy, Law, Political Sciences, Engineering and Technical Sciences, Computer Sciences and other related areas (not older than 30 years).

Youth entrepreneurship is a key component for a prosper world, especially in the developing countries. While our needs are facing with limited resources, economies are attempting to be based on knowledge, innovation and continuous-learning skills. As a result, after the very first conference of its kind ever held in the University of Prishtina, which was decided to be named “Globalization: Impact on Trade, Economy and Law”, the second edition of UPISC, is decided to be named “Youth Entrepreneurship”.


In this line, students of University of Prishtina are fully committed to use conferences as means to share knowledge and bring new approaches to advancing entrepreneurship among younger generations. Additionally, Kosovo as a new country in the international community, more than ever needs co-operation, exchange of ideas, and other related spheres that are essential for a new community to shrink into the international community with a knowledge-based economy, SMEs innovations and new skills for a new development era.


Abstracts can be submitted via e-mail to [email protected] by January 20th 2017 at 00:00 and should contain a clear outline of theoretical framework, the theme or the work in discussion.


The panels should not exceed five people and five different abstracts and should be prepared by each member of that specific panel.


We encourage lecturers, instructors and professors to circulate this call widely across your students. This will be a unique occasion to visit Kosovo, the heart of the Western Balkans, where you can enjoy the harmony of cultures, harmony of people, religions & the rhythm of diversities. You will have the opportunity to experience life in a different way.

There will be plenty of opportunities for socialization and organized trips. Participating students will be joining fellow students from Kosovo and across the world to debate the different issues in the context of Youth Entrepreneurship in a conference organized by students for students, with the support of staff at University of Prishtina.

Selected abstracts and full papers will be published on UPISC conference book entitled “Youth Entrepreneurship” with the relevant ISBN code from University of Prishtina.


UPISC is officially supported by Rectorate of University of Prishtina, Ministry of Education, Science and Technology, Ministry of Culture, Youth and Sport and other partners. The academic personnel of University of Prishtina will be responsible for the evaluation of the submitted papers in respect to the topics of UPISC.


In this regard, the UPISC will take place in Prishtina during 3-4 May, 2017. International students will be also accommodated within university facilities, and additional cultural program will be provided during the other days of staying (2-7 May).


More information: www.facebook.com/upisconference / www.upisc.org / [email protected]

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