Меѓународна студентска конференција за истражување


Narva International Student Research Conference

Narva International Student Research Conference



The University of Tartu Narva College invites academic research papers for its XVII International Student Research Conference that will take place 20–22 April, 2017, in Narva, Estonia. This year, the special section is proposed together with Johan Skytte Institute of Political Studies of the University of Tartu and has a focus on Russian and international studies.

There are no additional thematic restrictions for the abstracts. Nevertheless, the topics could fall under which thematic sections:

  • Pedagogy: Research in modern methodological approaches to teaching, tradition and innovation in education, education in multicultural society, methodological problems in language acquisition, developing axiological competencies, etc.;
  • Philology and Culture: Research in many aspects of linguistics, issues of literature and folklore studies, language and cross-cultural communication, children’s literature, etc.;
  • Russian Language and Culture (in Russian): Research in Russian culture in the context of intercultural communication, studies of children’s speech and writing, Russian children’s literature, challenges of teaching Russian as mother tongue, contemporary approaches to teaching Russian as foreign language etc.;
  • Youth Work: Research in various types of youth work, such as mobile youth work, inclusive youth work, smart youth work, etc.
  • Entrepreneurship, Project Management and Public Administration: Research in innovation and startups, marketing principles and methods in modern society, strategic planning, different roles in change management, social responsibilities of entrepreneurship, e-democracy and participation, civic involvement, multicultural challenges to society, management of local government, local government co-operation with private businesses and NGOs etc.;
  • SPECIAL SECTION. Russian and International studies: multi-disciplinar research on internal and external political dynamics in the Russian federation and former Soviet space; historical, socio-cultural, and political dimensions of Russia’s external projection in a changing geo-political regional context and role in the international system; focus on the bi-lateral and multi-lateral characterization of the international system.


All bachelor’s and master’s students interested in participation to submit the abstract of your research falling under one of the conference’s thematic sections.


  • For the invited speakers, there is no participation fee and the accommodation (up to 3 nights, in twin rooms, breakfast included) and lunches during the conference days are provided by the organisers;
  • Transportation costs are covered by the participants;
  • For the participants who need visas, the organisers provide the Letter of Invitation that enables to apply for the visa without paying the visa fee;
  • Participation in the excursions on April 22, the cultural day, is free but requires prior registration.

How to apply?

If you are interested in the participation submit your abstract HERE. Deadline for abstracts is 1 March 2017!

Up to 40 students will receive the invitation to present their work. The Committee will inform the applicants about the results by Monday, 13 March 2017.

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