„Многу јазици, еден свет“ студентски натпревар за есеи


“Many Languages, One World” Student Essay Contest

“Many Languages, One World” Student Essay Contest



ELS and the United Nations Academic Impact are pleased to sponsor the fourth Many Languages, One World Student Essay Contest and Global Youth Forum. This year welcomes Northeastern University as the host of the Many Languages, One World Global Youth Forum and the sponsor and organiser of the Northeastern University Global Youth Conference.


  • Too qualify, essays must be written in an official language of the United Nation that is neither your first language(language(s) spoken at home) nor the medium of instruction in either your primary or secondary school education;
  • You will need to demonstrate both written and verbal competency in the language of the essay;
  • You must be full-time university student, referred and endorsed by a faculty member or university representative, and must be 18 years of age or older by the contest deadline.


  • ELs Education Services, Inc. will award each winner with an all-expenses-paid trip to Boston and New York City between 15-26 July 2017;
  • At the Global Youth Forum, the students will create action plans addressing selected topics from the sustainable development Agenda, and will present their views at United Nations Headquarters in New York City;
  • These international delegates will also have the opportunity to interact with invited international scholars and tour Boston and New York City;
  • Airfare, accommodations and meals will be provided by ELS Educational Services, Inc.

How to Apply?

Write an original essay (2,000 words or less) discussing global citizenship and cultural understanding, and the role that multilingual ability can play in fostering these.  The essay should reflect your personal, academic, cultural and national context.

  1. Write your essay according to the Official Contest Rules and Essay Guidelines.
  2. A faculty member or authorized representative from your college or university must recommend you for participation in the contest by completing and submitting the faculty referral formon the contest website.
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