Натпревар за графички дизајн “LESS Game 4 Kids”


LESS Game 4 Kids Graphic Design Contest

LESS Game 4 Kids Graphic Design Contest



The theme of the contest is “LESS Game 4 Kids”. Come up with appealing, funny, cartoonish graphic design ideas for a kids version of board game called LESS. It must be appropriate for both genders aged 7-12 and internationally recognizable. You have complete freedom when choosing the motive and style, but do make it fun and engaging. You can check out kids cartoons for some inspiration.


The winner will be awarded 1.500 EUR + his/her signature on the box + 20 finished games with his/her design.

How to Apply?

Apply to: contest@inventedfor.com

Full design brief and application form can be found here.

Everyone is encouraged to submit more than one design and increase their chances of being selected.

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