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Eurasia Hub’s Blog Post Competition 2017

Eurasia Hub’s Blog Post Competition 2017


We are excited to announce a competition for the best article written for Eurasia Hub’s Blog, which is dedicated to governance issues in Extractive Industries (EI) in Eurasia region. We are seeking articles with fact-based analysis of matters to facilitate further discussion and investigation of hot button topics.

Your submission’s length should range between 800-1000 words. Blog Posts can be written both in Russian and English. Suggested topics are: Transparency challenges in Eurasia, Governance in EI (national oil company’s accountability, efficient management of resources by government entities) and impact of shifts in global energy markets on the region. Once, an article is submitted our internal staff will proceed for the publication if it:

  • Is articulate, with an appropriate and effective use of language
  • Has logical cohesion
  • Is fact-based analysis, with references

On a quarterly basis our jury, consisting of the Eurasia Hub’s Board members, experts and NRGI staff, will select the three best Blog posts. Focus on a matter, writing quality, evidence based and in-depth analysis of the subject, and popularity among our readers will be the main criteria for selecting the winners. Eurasia Hub’s staff will analyse which blogs have been read and facilitated discussion the most (by the number of clicks, social media popularity and public engagement). We will announce three winners in our quarterly Newsletters and award them with $100, $70 and $50.

If you wish to contribute to Eurasia Hub’s Blog, send an email with your article to info@eurasia-hub.org with “Blogpost Submission” in the subject line. All the submissions until 01 June will be included as entries for the first round of the competition. The results will be announced by the end of June.

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