AUBG MultiTalent Quest

You are an Ambitious 11th grader in Bulgaria or its neighboring countries?
You think you are Unique at Mathematics, English, and Debating?

You are also Brave enough to solve social issues?

And on top of it, you have Genius artistic talents or sports skills?
Prove that you are AmbitiousUniqueBraveGenius,
and win the AUBG MultiTalent Quest 2018!

What is the AUBG MultiTalent Quest?

The AUBG MultiTalent Quest is a unique two-round competition for 11th-graders from high schools in Bulgaria or its neighboring countries with:

● intermediate-level communication skills in English,
● broad general education background,
● talents in multiple academic, creative, and athletic disciplines.

How can you win the AUBG MultiTalent Quest?
➢ Apply by January 21st (extended deadline!), 2018 at;
➢ Qualify for Round 2;
➢ Demonstrate knowledge, talents and skills at the AUBG Campus on February 16th-18th, 2018;
➢ Win prizes, awards, fame!

Who is behind the AUBG MultiTalent Quest?
The AUBG MultiTalent Quest Organizers are AmbitiousUniqueBraveGenius alumni, students, professors, staff, and friends.

No competition fees. AUBG will cover accommodation and food expenses.

Round 1: from 1st December to 21st January 2018, online:
Convince us that you are AmbitiousUniqueBraveGenius by:
– telling us about yourself in an online application form
– showing us who you are in a creative 2-minute Video-CV
– impressing us by passing an AUBG intermediate-to-advanced-level English & Basic Math Online-Test.

Round 2: 16th-18th February 2018, AUBG Campus
Once you pass Round 1 and you get selected, we’ll invite you to the AUBG campus in Blagoevgrad where your knowledge, skills, and talents will be put to the test. You will be competing in:

Three Required Disciplines:

1. CharisMATHic Analysis
Reveal your mathematical charisma and analytical thinking! You’ll get 90 minutes to solve a number of mathematical problems.
2. SOCIAL CHALLENGE Hack (team discipline*)
Face the challenge and hack a social problem! Your teammates and you will get the chance to solve a social problem, and to present your solution.
3. DEBATE, don‘t hate (team discipline*)
Demonstrate that to debate with three mates is much cooler than to hate! Your team will engage in one 20-minute debate in English on a preliminary given topic of common interest.
*SOCIAL CHALLENGE Hack and DEBATE, don‘t hate are team disciplines. The teams, each made up of 4 participants, will be put together by the organizers of the Quest. Participants will get to know their 3 teammates in the beginning of Round 2.

One out of two Elective Disciplines:
AUBG MultiTalent Quest participants can choose to compete in one of the two disciplines: ‘ARTS on the Spot’ or ‘In the SPORTlight’.

1. ARTS on the Spot
Impress us with your art and own the hot spot! You would show off your artistic talents within 5 minutes.
2. In the SPORTlight
Light up the sports arena and be classical champion in non-classical sports activities! You would demonstrate your strength, speed and stamina in non-traditional sports activities.

Ready to embark on the AUBG MultiTalent Quest?
Apply at:

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