Net developer (salary up to 3300 euros net + stock options)


Exai (Experts in artificial intelligence) – is the one-of-a-kind platform aimed at making users’ existing websites more user-friendly and efficient. It offers to upgrade your existing on Exai’s platform. The tool comes with extended functionality to let you not just build a website but to establish an automated process of its maintenance and support. No more manual troubleshooting, updates or debugging.

We value:

Excellent analytical and logical problem-solving skills
High Traceability & Comprehension of complex systems
Fast Self-learning capabilities & willingness to research
(These abstract capabilities & traits are more important to us than your current knowledge of the syntax of a certain programming language).


Min 3 years working experience with programming languages (1-year experience with C# .Net )
Must pass our internal test (salary is based on the test results)
Hands-On Programming Capabilities
Ability to work both independently and with teammates;
Written and verbal Communication Skills in English;

REMUNERATION/ SALARY: From 1650 Euro min up to 3300 Euro net salary for the most suitable candidates + hefty stock option package from the company.

Full-time employment 40 hours a week Monday to Friday

Why join Exai?

We have the biggest growth potential in the market
We award stock options to our best employees with emphasize on leader developers
We pay the highest salaries in each field on the Macedonian Market
Challenge yourself with our state-of-the-art technology
We are on the market since 2012, and we have raised more than 15million$ (
–For More Information About Our Company, You Can Read These Useful Articles—-:

Are you interested in a new challenge in an innovative company? Have you answered well our questions related to this position? Then we look forward to getting to know you and offer you a very innovative challenge that will change your life forever! The interested candidates are invited to send their application documents (CV in English) at [email protected] if you have any technical questions related to the application, please, contact us directly on mobile no. +389 75 378 770 (Monday – Friday) until 27.02.2019.

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