Нов повик за аплицирање, 5.000 € и две менторски работилници за меѓународни тимови за новинарство!


New Call for Applications, 5,000 € and two mentoring workshops for international journalism teams!

New Call for Applications, 5,000 € and two mentoring workshops for international journalism teams!


Are you a reporter who wants to dig deeper? Who teams up to explore a story from various perspectives? Who feels that complex research doesn’t stop at borders?

The program “Reporters in the Field” promotes research projects by journalists from all over Europe. It offers grants of up to 5,000 € to international teams, for cross-border research of a relevant story of their choice. Currently, we support seven new projects with 21 team members from 18 different countries.

Are you interested? Our second round for application is open!

Our program aims to foster international dialogue and understanding. Selected teams will receive not only the grant but professional mentoring and assistance for research trips provided by our program office. Furthermore, they will participate in a workshop in Berlin, where teams can meet up with invited experts and exchange with other teams. Reporters in the Field is a program by the Robert Bosch Stiftung hosted together with the media NGO and agency n-ost.


  • International teams with at least one professional, freelance or staff journalist who works for an established media outlet (print, photo, broadcast, web, or cross-media) are eligible. Team members (e.g. photographers, scientists) from different corners and layers of society are also welcome! No age limit applies.
  • Your team and research must be based in at least two of the following countries:
    Albania, Andorra, Armenia, Austria, Azerbaijan, Belarus, Belgium, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Bulgaria, Croatia, Cyprus, Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Georgia, Greece, Germany, Hungary, Ireland, Italy, Kosovo, Latvia, Lithuania, Macedonia, Montenegro, Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Republic of Moldova, Romania, Russia, Serbia, Spain, Slovakia, Slovenia, Sweden, Switzerland, Turkey, Ukraine and United Kingdom.

WHAT it is about:

  • Find a topic that works for cross-border journalism and is of relevance in Europe.
  • Team up with international colleagues or contact us: if you have a convincing story but no team yet, we can help you to find one.
  • Realize your research: You can use our grant to support both travel costs and remuneration. To connect expertise from different countries and spheres, you can spend it on research trips with your team. If you find that your topic requires research at home, team members can also spend a part of the money for research in their home countries.
  • Publish your story in your preferred language.


The program’s main goal is to enable relevant and innovative cross-border research. This is difficult enough, so we don’t set up many conditions. However, our expectations are:

  • Workshop: At least two team members must participate in our workshop from November 17-19, 2017 and at least one of your team members participates in the following workshop in June 2018. We think that collaborative cross-border journalism is a crucial way to foster international understanding and to face current challenges in media and society. That’s why we invite everybody to a common workshop in the start. We find it equally important that you meet your team members throughout your research and share your experience with other teams.
  • Language: Please note that the program and the workshops are run in English, and you need an advanced level of spoken and written English to participate. Whilst we expect the completed projects to be produced in the language of your chosen media, you will be required to submit English abstracts and translations for the workshops and the program in general.
  • Publication: Please submit a publications strategy to your application. The grant of “Reporter in the Field” is intended to foster your research, but, of course, we want to see your final story reach the widest possible audience, too. The Fellows of the program are therefore expected to publish their research results. Written commitments by media outlets, which are interested in publishing the results of your research are not obligatory but welcome. You can publish your story in your preferred language but a short English summary will be required on your final results at the end.
  • Financial Report: Your grant can be used for all research related costs, but keep in mind that we need a report on your expenditures. The maximum grant available is 5,000 € per single project, which should support but not necessarily completely cover the costs of your research activities.


  • September 2017: Jury session and notification of the applicants
  • October 2017: Pre-research phase, where teams prepare and begin their research to be able to present the first results during the first workshop.
  • November 17-19, 2017: First workshop, where teams meet up with invited experts to discuss ideas, work on story angles and plan a road-map forward. All costs will be covered by the program.
  • November 2017- June 2018: Mentoring and research phase, where the participants return to their home destinations and/or undertake their research trips to collect information for their cross-border stories. Our fellows are going to be mentored by the program office and experts during their work.
  • End of June 2018: Two-days-review session where representatives of all teams meet again to finalize their pieces and discuss them with the new fellows of the next round.
  • End of July 2018: Last date of publishing stories – of course you can publish your stories before!


It offers grants of up to 5,000 € to international teams, for cross-border research of a relevant story of their choice.


  • Prepare your application in English using our application form. You can save your application before submitting it. Applications made via e-mail or post will not be considered and cannot be returned. The next deadline for applications is August 27, 2017.
  • Designate a project leader, who will act as your representative for all correspondence, administrative and budgetary purposes.
  • Submit one joint application for your team, but do include CVs and further information on the individual team members. In your proposal, detail the tasks of the different team members in your research project.
  • Save the Date: At least two team members must participate in our workshop in Berlin from November 17-19, 2017 and one representative of the team also in June 2018.

If you have any questions, please write to: [email protected].

The official web-page.

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