Нови работни места во “Eurodesign” во Баку, Азербејџан


New Vacancies at Eurodesign in Baku, Azerbaijan

New Vacancies at Eurodesign in Baku, Azerbaijan


Since its foundation in 1996, Eurodesign has been delivering high-end telecom solutions to a large number of business in Azerbaijan and Georgia. Eurodesign specializes in IT service delivery, system integration, IT consultancy and project management. Applying vast experience and technical expertise, Eurodesign is able to offer broad range of IT and Telecom services and products. The services offered vary from the design of structured and fiber optic cabling systems to voice communications systems, including audio and video conference systems that are mainly offered to businesses in the telecommunication field.


New Vacancies at Eurodesign : http://eurodesign.az/who-we-are/careers

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