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Domestic company that sells in the UK market with over 10 years experience in construction industry is seeking online store manager to sell a variety of woodworking and wood finishing products over multiple sales channels such as proprietary Shopify e-commerce store, ebay, Amazon and other channels. Our employee would do most of his/her work from home and few days and hours per week will have to meet with the manager in a café, office or residential premises in Bitola or Demir Hisar.

Skills, experience, education and ability that would get you this job:

Must haves’:

Absolutely fluent and flawless English, both written and spoken
MS Office software package
Computer & tech savvy with ability to utilize various software tools
Good at creating content in English
Self-starter with hard work ethic with ability to work independently and report daily and regularly on completed tasks
Laptop & headset with stable internet connection
Live in Bitola or Demir Hisar.
Nice to have skills, education & experience:

Content creation and marketing experience in English with ability to write catchy and SEO optimized online posts and product page description.
SEO promotion experience and/or skills
Selling on eBay, experience or demonstrated ability
Shopify web store administration and management
Ability to research online for answers and familiarize yourself with various industry-related and product-related questions
Customer service experience
Numerical & mathematical ability for calculating products prices, monthly business financials, margins, costs, inventory management etc in MS Excel
Google AdWords ad campaign management
Facebook ad campaign management
Experience with managing business Social Media pages across Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn and various other social media channels
Utilizing tools such as Google Analytics for adjusting, refining and improving marketing strategy.
Experience or skill in using online shipping services such as Royal Mail
Using PayPal for sending and receiving online payments.
No degree is required; however, preference will be given to candidates with bachelor’s degrees in English, Economics, Marketing, and Business
What will you be required to do?:

Complete daily sales cycle by printing & preparing sold products & shipping labels and sending the list to our warehouse manager for shipping.
Answering and resolving customers enquiries over email and phone quickly and efficiently by providing relevant product information and expertly advice with a goal of ever-growing sales.
Resolving disputes and complaints with and from customers
Listing products on eBay and completing sales there as well as on the propriety Shopify web store.
Research and know how the products we sell are utilized and prepare lists of questions and answers for every product so as to give advice to customers on the best product to utilize
Writing new product descriptions and expanding the product selection that we sell.
Writing online posts and listing links to our store that would boost our SEO presence over various channels such as Social Media and well as other internet websites.
Maintaining a good overview of inventories and ordering new inventories from our suppliers as well as other necessary business-related items and supplies.
Completing internal monthly financial reports
Analyze and follow competitors stores and maintain a good overview over their listed prices and reporting and adjusting product price and selection upon any changes.
Assist with preparing and adjusting product selection for eBay and the proprietary store.
Managing online ad campaigns such as Google AdWords, Facebook and other channels.
Providing a daily report of tasks completed for that day

Terms and what we offer:

Work will be done 12:00-21:00, Monday-Thursday and 8:00-17:00 on Saturday with 1-hour break – local Macedonian time, with some possible mutually agreed upon flexibility after the first 4-6 months.
Work will be done mostly from home with the exception of hours after 18.00 when the employee will be required to meet with the manager on premises. Work on Saturdays will be done on premises.
Salary: Net 20.000 MKD per month for first three months, after third month net 30.000 MKD per month with full pension, healthcare and social contributions paid in.
Opportunity to grow into this role, get trained and gain valuable experience
In the future, opportunity to expand into business development role and earn additional income and commissions
Selection process and other requirements:

If you feel you are up to the challenge send your resume to [email protected]
Shortlisted candidates will be contacted for an interview in person in either Bitola or Demir Hisar. Interviews will be in English & Macedonian
Upon passing initial interview selected candidates will be given 2-3 tasks they will need to complete on their own in no more than 5 hours to test their ability and suitability for the job
The best candidate will ideally start working last week of January for a 1-week unpaid probation & training period, and start paid work on 01.02.2019. For currently employed candidates with employment cancelation notice period there is flexibility on the start date.

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