iSEE MarkComm is a London-based company building and scaling startups on English-speaking markets.

We build entrepreneurs and experts who can grow any company. However, companies are mostly about sales and marketing. So while we take students from all fields, ranging from IT to biology and yes, marketing, we mainly teach the skills the tools that enable people to sell their products on the real market.

iSEE MarkComm is looking for a remote intern to join our intercultural team. Our marketing department produces quality work for fast-growing B2B digitally native projects and seeks an intern who can participate in various activities to improve online visibility.

  • Learning while doing with an expert oversight
  • Thought leadership planning and positioning
  • Adjusting a thought leadership template
  • Learning the tools used for thought leadership positioning
  • Generating thought leadership materials
  • Writing amazing thought leadership copy
  • Using advanced tools to find the right audiences
  • Placing content and outreach to influential websites

This intern should be prepared to work remotely in a fast-paced team environment and will finish the internship having gained broad experience in various aspects of marketing.


·      Student or a young professional with a sincere love for the English language

·      Excellent verbal and written communication skills

·      Can use social media and doesn’t find it difficult to manage

·      Driven and hard-working with the desire to learn

·      Ability to take direction and learn by doing

·      Accepting that it’s fine to make mistakes, but not too large

·      PowerPoint, Word and Excel experience a positive proxy for ability


·      Practical experience with current marketing and advertising techniques

·      Shadowing, mentoring, and training opportunities with successful marketing professionals

·      Opportunity to participate in networking events and company meetings

·      Flexible schedule for students

·      The internship requires 10 committed hours per week for three months remotely, or it has a paid version of on-site full-time engagement also for three months

·      Unpaid for remote interns and paid for full-time on-site interns

·      Certificates granted optimized for LinkedIn

Applicants should send their CVs to [email protected] no later than the 10th of September. Some candidates could be invited for an interview before the final deadline. Learn more about the program here

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