Отворен онлајн курс: Дифузија и влијание на гласање на интернет


Open Online Course: Diffusion and Impact of Internet Voting

Open Online Course: Diffusion and Impact of Internet Voting


Johan Skytte Institute of Political Studies is re-opening the online course (MOOC) – ‘SVJS.TK.003. Diffusion and Impact of Internet Voting’, 2ECTS.The course will be taught in English and will last from 13.03.2017. to 07.05.2017. A short introductory  video with participants’ testimonials is available here.


The course primarily targets non-ICT students and professionals, who are interested in widening their knowledge about e-government in general, and internet voting, in particular; but applicants from ICT backgrounds and other external participants are also welcome to the course.

During the MOOC, students will learn about:

  • the theory and foundational pre-requisites of e-government in Estonia;
  • diffusion and usage of electronic voting;
  • impact on voter turnout andelection results;
  • behavioural aspects of e-voting and its future.

The course is unique in employing a wealth of empirical evidence – including 10 years of survey data on e-voting, actual log data on voting sessions and aggregate election data – to demonstrate the development and usage of internet voting.

Taking into account the spread and extensive use of e-government in Estonia as well as increasing digitalisation of e-services at the global scale, the following course could become a good addition to enhancing participants understanding behind the e-governance architecture and improving one’s data literacy.


The course is free of charge and compiled of 8-week video lectures. At the end of the course, students who successfully complete weekly quizzes will receive the University of Tartu certificate.

All interested can register for the course at: https://goo.gl/6bf2r7. The registration deadline is open until 15.04.2017.

In case of additional questions regarding the course, do not hesitate to contact Anna Beitane, (anna.beitane@ut.ee).

This e-course is created with the support of the European Social Fund programme “Increasing Digital Literacy” and Estonian Ministry of Economic Affairs and Communications.

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