Покането предавање од проф. Ерик Перјонс

Во четврток, 18.05.2017,  во 13:00 часот во Амфитеатерот на ФИНКИ ќе се одржи покането предавање. Предавањето ќе го одржи проф. Ерик Перјонс од Универзитетот во Стокхолм. Темата на предавањето е Introduction to Design Science, а апстрактот може да го погледнете во продолжение.

In this presentation, Erik Perjons, Stockholm University, presents the research methodology design science, suitable for research carried out in areas such as information system and software engineering. Design science is the scientific study and creation of artefacts (e.g., applications, prototypes, methods, models, guidelines) as they are developed and used by people with the goal of solving practical problems of general interest. Today, many research papers and PhD theses have their methodological base in design science.

The presentation include an introduction of major concepts and definitions related to design science, a method for carrying out design science research, and a short introduction to some seminal research paper about design science.

Erik Perjons is a senior lecturer in computer and systems science, and he has, together with Paul Johannesson, written a book about design science, see https://introtodesignscience.wordpress.com

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