Повик на учесници за „Кино за социјални права“


Call for participants on Cinema for Social Rights

Call for participants on Cinema for Social Rights



Youth Social Rights Network, supported by the European Youth Foundation of the Council ofEurope, in the period of 2017, will be implementing a set of activities, also known as“  The Cinema for Social Rights -Supporting the process of improvement of social rights for young people in Europe”, so as to improve access to social rights of young people by advocating for placing the implementation ofRecommendation CM/Rec(2015)3 on the agenda of different stakeholders in Council of Europe member states, and by improving structured dialogue for improvement of access to social rights for young people and implementation ofRecommendation C M/Rec(2015)3(also referred to as theEnter! ecommendation)


  • Youth workers working with young people and/or within the field of social advocacy;
  • Social workers, teachers and/or other professionals working in the field of social rights of young people and youth policies:
  • Motivated to develop advocacy competencies and use them in supporting the improvement of access to social rights of Young people particularly ones coming from disadvantaged neighborhoods and facing fewer opportunities;
  • Be 18-30 years old (we do welcome a certain percentage of older participants)
  • Be able to work in English;
  • To be citizens of one of the following Council of Europe member states FormerYugoslavian Republic of Macedonia, Georgia, Greece, The Netherlands, Portugal, Serbia,Estonia, Denmark, Russian federation, United Kingdom, Turkey, Romania, Spain,Armenia, Bulgaria, Albania, Croatia (few exception can be made for participants representing other Council of Europe member states)


International travel costs will be reimbursed up to 70% of the total amount of the ticket. Please note that travel costs

must be APPROVED by organizers beforehand taking into consideration the least expensive route between the place of residence and Tbilisi/Kutaisi (nearest airports to Surami).
Local transportation costs to/from the airport are fully covered.Reimbursement to participants is usually made by the end of the training. Participants will be asked to present their tickets and other supporting material on the first day of the meeting (original invoices, original receipts, in the case of e-tickets documentary evidence of the sum actually paid e.g. copy of credit card slip, copies of visas, boarding pass (both ways)

How to Apply?

Send your application to the following email address:ysrnetwork@gmail.com

For more information, please visit the official web page.

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