Повик за аплицирање, Германско-украински проект


Call for Applications, a German-Ukrainian Project

Call for Applications, a German-Ukrainian Project


The first training went so well that we decided to involve more participants and organize a second group!

What is the project about? The aim of the HIDDEN MEMORIES project is the creation of an audio-guide about the revolution 2013-2014 in the form of a mobile application. People´s memories, stories and experiences, told from differing points of view, will serve as a basis for the audio-guide. The main goal is to broaden the perception of historical events, break stereotypes, look for common values underneath people’s differences and develop the ability for empathy. The project is a collaboration between NGO “Iskra” (Ukraine), NGO “CRISP” (Germany) and xm:lab at the Academy of Fine Arts Saar (Germany).

What are you going to do? Participants will create a collection of stories from interviews they conduct, and then connect, interpret and prepare these stories for a virtual audio installation about the events on Maidan square.

What happens next? On the basis of the collected interviews, an app for smartphones will be created, which will become a virtual guide and a time machine transferring listeners to the events on Maidan square 2013-2014. The stories will be recorded in a professional studio in 4 languages: Ukrainian, Russian, English and German, creating the opportunity for people from all over the world to go for a walk on Maidan square with their own earphones and learn about different views on a key moment of Ukraine´s modern history.

Apply, if you are eager to:

  • learn to conduct interviews in theory and practice and get to know the basics of interactive storytelling
  • cooperate with German partners
  • be part of a large-scale project with the potential to reach thousands of people for years to come
  • challenge stereotypes in society

A good command of English is required

We are very much looking forward to receiving your application and meeting you in Kyiv!

Throughout the year, we will have the following activities: Introduction Seminar: 1.-2. September 2017, Kyiv Mid-Term Seminar: 3.-5. September 2017, Kyiv Storytelling Seminar: 12.-15. October 2017, Kyiv Opening Ceremony: February 2018, Kyiv

In the interval in between the seminars, you will have time to conduct a number of interviews, select stories and prepare them for integration into the app.

COSTS: Transportation, food and accommodation during all seminars are covered by the project.

APPLICATION: Please find attached the application form. Submit your application before 07.08.2017.

to: [email protected]

INFORMATION: You can find more information on our website, or you get in touch with us directly via Email: [email protected]

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