Повик за аплицирање, “IAPSS” летна школа во Тирана, Албанија


Call for Applications, IAPSS Summer School 2017 in Tirana, Albania

Call for Applications, IAPSS Summer School 2017 in Tirana, Albania


There is a complex relationship between nationalism and democracy. While democracy appears to be based on the principle of inclusivity, nationalism seems to be predicated on exclusivity. For this reason, it is usually considered that nationalism and democracy constitute competing logics, and in that vein, as nationalism endangers democracy, the two cannot exist together.

After the fall of communism, many countries in Eastern Europe embarked upon establishing democracies in divided societies, and the taming of ethnic nationalism has been one of the major tasks of democratization. In the process of democratization, most of Eastern European countries have faced various challenges. The IAPSS Summer School 2017 aims to explore some of these challenges by taking a closer look at some of the post-communist countries such as Russia, Bosnia-Herzegovina and Georgia.

The IAPSS Summer School will be held in cooperation with the European University of Tirana in Albania enabling all participants to dive into a week-long program with various components: alongside lectures, seminars, and workshops, also readings circles and working groups are going to be held. Next to the academic program, we will organize a visit to the Institute for Democracy, Media & Culture (IDMC). In the evenings we are planning a documentary screening related to the theme of the Summer School as well as social activities to let off steam after the academic programme.

Albania lends itself as a perfect destination to explore nationalism and democracy as it offers many angles of looking at a spectrum of issues this Summer School is going to focus on. With its particular communist history, Albania promises also fertile ground for new questions and exciting areas to delve into.

If you are eager to learn more about the themes that this Summer School is going to examine, make sure you submit your application within the deadline to enjoy the stimulating academic programme prepared in cooperation with the leading experts in the theme. What is more, you will have a chance to meet fellow students from all over the world and embark together on a journey to intricacies of nationalism and democracy in post-communist Europe.


Students and junior researchers of all levels, but preferably at least at an advanced level of their undergraduate studies, are invited to submit their applications.


IAPSS events are designed to be socially, culturally, religiously and politically inclusive by bringing students of political science and related disciplines from various academic backgrounds, political contexts, level of studies, age and gender together. This aims to create an interactive and multidisciplinary space of social and academic debate and interaction. Taking into account global income disparities, the IAPSS Summer School 2017 seeks to offer a student-friendly, low-cost participation fee of 199 € (a special discount of 50 € applies for the students from the host institution, The European University of Tirana).

This participation fee includes access to all lectures, workshops and social events, all Summer School materials, a personal IAPSS Summer School 2017 participation kit, and an official Certificate of Participation and a Certificate Supplement stating the details of your achievements. The fee has to be transferred in advance in order to confirm your participation, but only after you have been notified on successful selection. The payment can be done via credit card, PayPal and other devices through the IAPSS Webstore (the details for the transfer will be available there upon acceptance).

Please note that IAPSS does not offer any discount or scholarship for this event. We recommend consulting with your university/academic institution for individual financial support for participation and travel costs. Also, a range of foundations and academic institutions offer grants and scholarships for seasonal schools. IAPSS can provide an acceptance letter to support external grant/scholarship applications of the participants.


Applications are accepted until 25 June 2017. We will review the applications as soon as possible depending on their number.

Individuals interested in participating in the IAPSS Summer School 2017 are requested to submit a written application containing (1) a CV, (2) a letter of motivation (1 page). Your letter of motivation should state at least (a) your previous experiences with the topic, (b) your motivation for joining this Summer School, and (c) how this Summer School would contribute to your development. Be creative! Please note that the application process is competitive due to a limited number of tickets. Decision on admission is mainly based on the motivation letter, which is why we encourage applicants to put a special emphasis on this document.


In order to apply, register HERE.

The official web-page.

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