Повик за аплицирање на докторски програми на Институтот за наука „Гран Сасо“ во Италија


Call for Applications 2017, Gran Sasso Science Institute PhD Programs in Italy

Call for Applications 2017, Gran Sasso Science Institute PhD Programs in Italy


The Gran Sasso Science Institute (GSSI), based in l’Aquila, Italy, offers post-graduate training to obtain “Philosophiae Doctor” (Ph.D) degrees in the following fields:

  • “Astroparticle Physics”, “Mathematics in Natural, Social and Life Sciences”, “Computer Science”, “Urban Studies and Regional Science”

Activities and Duration

  • The PhD programs last three years.


  • GSSI awards scholarships for 3 years. The yearly amount of the scholarship is of € 16.159,91 gross (an additional 50% on monthly basis may be awarded for research period aboard if approved by the GSSI).

Official language of the PhD Programs: English


Applicants must fill out the online application form (www.gssi.it/phd/) and attach the required documents by May 31, 2017, 6 pm (Italian time zone). No other application method will be accepted.

The documents you need to submit are:

  • copy of the University title certificate
  • academic transcripts (list of courses with grades)
  • Curriculum Vitae
  • a copy of a valid Identity Document (ID) signed and dated.

These documents, common to all applicants, must be in pdf or jpg format and each file size should not exceed 3Mb.

Depending on your program choice several additional materials are required, namely:

  • PhD in Astroparticle Physics:
    – motivational letter
    – extended abstract of the Master thesis (max 2.000 words)
  • PhD in Mathematics in Natural, Social and Life Sciences:
    – a single file (pdf or jpg, 3Mb maximum size) containing a synthetic report of the core courses attended in the following topics: Partial Differential Equations, Probability – stochastic processes, Functional and Numerical Analysis.
  • PhD in Computer Science:
    – a single file (pdf or jpg, 3Mb maximum size) with a motivational letter describing the past studies and the acquired expertise, a brief research project outlining the research challenges to consider for the PhD thesis, the reasons for choosing GSSI for the PhD studies.
  • PhD in Urban Studies and Regional Science:
    – motivational letter
    – abstract of the master thesis in english (pdf file, 2,000 words)
    – master thesis (max 20 Mb)

Contact Information
Should you require assistance with questions that are not addressed in the GSSI web site please email [email protected].


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