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Call for Applications, Global Competition on “Empower the Youth” e.COM 2017

Call for Applications, Global Competition on “Empower the Youth” e.COM 2017


BINUS e.COM is an annual event organized by BEST (BINUS International English Society). This year marks the 16th year of e.COM’s commitment to being the perfect avenue for students to showcase their talent in English. Having established itself as one of the most prestigious and well-known English competitions for high school and university students in Indonesia, e.COM always strives to benefit its participants, committee, and each of the parties involved by upgrading its competitions’ standards and encouraging continuous improvements on every aspect of the event. In an effort to raise the prestige of e.COM, this year we adopt the theme: “e.COM 2017: Empowering the Youth”

As suggested in our theme, we would like to elevate e.COM 2017 by going international for the second time in e.COM’s history, staging 7 competitions this year, namely:

1. Debate 2. Newscasting 3. Speech 4. Spelling Bee 5. Story Telling 6. Story Writing 7. Scrabble

e.COM 2017 is expected to attract 300 students nation . Apart from being a competitive platform for students, we believe that e.COM 2017 will also serve as a god exposure of BINUS INTERNATIONAL University to greater audiences. In the hope of being able to involve even more enthusiastic youths, e.COM 2017 invites you to be a part of this unique learning process that encourages participating youth to be open-minded, proficient, resilient, and thus ready to face what the future demands.


  • To offer an unforgettable experience through the course of e.COM by implementing this year’s theme.
  • To serve as a platform for students to channel their talents and abilities through English competitions.
  • To unite youths from diverse societies with the same passion.
  • To nurture a greater spirit of competition and to accommodate a fair, competitive atmosphere among the participants.
  • To forge long-term relationships with contestants and sponsors, and all other parties contributing.

Target participants:

300 participants from all over Indonesia, and around 100 supporters or on-site visitors. (*Debating competition is open only for high school students. Newscasting, Scrabble, Spelling Bee, Story Telling, Story Writing, and Speech Competition are open for both high school and university Students.)


Debate Competition consists of two teams taking opposite sides, arguing on a specific “motion” (given topic being discussed). The purposes of this competition are to develop public speaking skills and to widen the knowledge of the students.

News Casting:

News Casting Competition develops the participants’ skills in reading and presenting news, as the professional newscasters, which also encourage students to react spontaneously and effectively under various challenging circumstances.


Scrabble is a board game with a nature similar to a crossword puzzle. In the game, participants are to form words out of randomly picked letters. This competition aims to increase the vocabulary area of participants and to challenge their spelling skills.


Speech Competition invites participants to stimulate their imaginative minds, and develop confidence to do public speaking in front of an audience. It challenges participants’ knowledge and confidence.

Spelling Bee:

In Spelling Bee, participants will go through 3 stages games which consist of Preliminary (elimination) Round, Running Words, and Bingo. This competition will adopt amazing race concept, where participants will have to do challenge in order to obtain the words they need to spell. This competition develops the accuracy of the participants in spelling the words correctly, teamwork, time management and also increases their vocabulary.


Storytelling Competition will have participants delivering a story in English based on a given theme to develop their creativity and expressiveness. This competition aims to enhance participants’ confidence and to improve their English speaking skills.

Story Writing:

Story Writing is a competition where participants may submit their short stories according to themes set by the committee. This competition is aimed to increase participants’ creativity and English writing skills, including vocabulary and English grammar.

To achieve its vision and mission, e.COM has projected budget expenditure for the purposes explained below. The support from your company will be a great help for e.COM to achieve success.

For further inquiries and questions, please contact: ALIXIA SHAFIRA CAESARION (Head of Media Partner Division) 087888738448 [email protected]

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