Повик за аплицирање: Програма за жителство “Goga” во Словенија


Call for Applications, Goga Residency Programme – 2017 in Slovenia

Call for Applications, Goga Residency Programme – 2017 in Slovenia


European Residence Programme  – Writers and Literary Translator

‘Goga Residency – 2017’

The Residency is prearranged by Publishing House Goga in cooperation with the TRADUKI Network, in partnership with Slovenian Book Agency and other local institutions & partners.

The Literary Residence Programme ‘Goga Residency 2017’ is open to welcome fiction writers, poets, literary translators, essayists, playwrights and screenplay writers from Southeast Europe (Croatia, Serbia, Kosova, Bosnia & Herzegovina, Montenegro, Macedonia, Bulgaria, Albania and Romania).

We are in particular paying attention in writers who are innovative, who in their works deal with contemporary themes and topics, or translators who are translating to and from the languages contained in translation program of TRADUKI European Network for literature and books.

For the year 2017, the call for applications is launched for three months, each in the duration of 4 weeks, starting from September 2017.

– 01.09.2017

– 02.10.2017

– 01.12.2017

The fellowship for the writers includes a one-month stay in an apartment in Novo mesto (the apartment is situated in city centre), travel costs (up to 250 eur) and a stipend in the amount of 800 euro, WI-FI connection and other common facilities necessary for normal living and working activities.

The application consists of:

– a bio-bibliography – a short Curriculum vitae and art life, including the list of the works published (in Croatian, Serbian (latin), English, German or French – max. half page);

– a recommendation of the publisher or of Writers or Translators Association

– a synopsis of the project to be undertaken during four week staying in Novo mesto (max. half page);

– the full address (phone number and e-mail address – max. 2 lines)


The applications should be sent via e-mail in the following addresses: [email protected]

The deadline for the applications is April 30, 2017.

The fellowships will be awarded by an international professional jury, consisting of individuals with experience in literature. (To make the process easier, applicants may annotate also the convenient months, should they be declared an eventual winner.)

The winner applicants will be informed about the decision of the jury via e-mail,

by May 15 2017.


Publishing house Goga

6 Glavni trg, 8000 Novo mesto, Slovenia


+386 7 393 08 01 (publishing house, marketing)

+386 7 393 08 02 (bookstore, events)

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