Повик за аплицирање, Пролетен семинар на “Jean Monnet” за европска безбедност во Украина


Call for Applications, Jean Monnet Spring Seminar on European Security 2017 in Ukraine

Call for Applications, Jean Monnet Spring Seminar on European Security 2017 in Ukraine


The European Union as a collective of its member states has been concerned with violent conflict since its very beginning. The EU and its predecessor organisations has always prided itself in being a community of values in which democracy, human rights and the rule of law take on concrete meaning for the benefit of all its citizens, regardless of ethnic, linguistic or religious background. This normative perspective has informed the EU’s non-discrimination directives and policies, and has thus been one instrument of the management of minority-majority relations within EU member states. Yet its success in effectively addressing violent conflicts within the Union itself, and even more so beyond its boundaries, has been limited.

EU-internal threats had remained relatively contained for decades, but the conflicts outside the Union were perceived as potentially far more dangerous in the short as well as in the potential longer term of their becoming EU-internal insecurities. This resulted in the EU beginning to create a framework for policies and institutions for the management of conflict that was primarily aimed at non-member states and became most closely associated with the European Security Strategy and with the European Neighbourhood Policy, which effectively allow the EU to seek to impose conditions on third countries, that it did not implement on its own territories.

The project ‘The EU’s Comprehensive Approach to External Conflict and Crisis Management’ is expected to generate, accumulate, synthesize knowledge about European Security Strategy, policy and initiatives and promote discussion on EU’s emerging ambition and the role of the EU as a global conflict management with particular reference to the EU’s recent experience in Ukraine and other countries of the European Neighbourhood with the objectives:

  • To stimulate excellence in teaching, research and policy-making in European Security Studies with particular focus on a comprehensive approach to conflict and crisis management (through early warning and preparedness, conflict prevention, crisis management to early recovery and peace-building) in higher education institutions and public administration organisations in European Union and Ukraine.
  • To enhance current knowledge and understanding of the complexity of contemporary conflict and conflict management and contribute to the development of research-led teaching and evidence-based policy-making in the area of crisis management and conflict prevention.
  • To mobilise the different strengths, capacities and competencies of all project stakeholders (such as European and Ukrainian military and security communities, academia, civil society and the media) to facilitate coordination, share information and contribute to development of effective and efficient mechanisms of Ukraine-EU cooperation in crisis management and conflict resolution.
  • To enhance the linkage between research, policy-making and teaching in European Security Studies in Ukraine.

The conference will take place between 17 and 19 September 2017 in Odessa, Ukraine.


The conference will invite key Ukrainian and European experts, academics, public servants and military officers to discuss the EU’s approach to external conflicts and crises in fragile and conflict-affected countries and explore its future development with focus on (a) a common strategic vision, (b) conflict prevention before a crisis emerges or violence erupts, (c) mobilisation of the different strengths and capabilities of the EU, (d) commitment to the long-term objectives and (e) linking policies and internal and external actions and (g) development of effective and efficient partnership with local stakeholders and international organisations, UN and NATO.


A limited number of merit-based Jean Monnet scholarships may be granted to non-local participants, representing broader security community, such as academia, civil society, media and government, including the army, police and security organisations.

There is no age/geographical limit, but we will give preference to younger participants with a practical experience in the areas of security and conflict. Scholarships will cover costs of hotel accommodation and in exceptional cases travel costs.


Abstracts of paper proposal of no more than 500 words to be presented during conference should be sent to Prof. Tetyana Malyarenko (e-mail: tatjana@dsum.edu.ua ) and Prof. Stefan Wolff (e-mail: s.wolff@bham.ac.uk).

Please also enclose a short CV, detailing relevant practical experience and, if available, a list of publications. Selection criteria include high-quality research and teaching potential, motivation and long-term interest in the topic. The project will give preference to public servants and military officers from Ukraine whose professional interests are related to crisis management and conflict resolution.

Deadline for submitting the application: August 15, 2017.

In order to apply, register HERE.


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