Повик за аплицирање за летна работилница на “European College of Cluny”


Call for Applications - Summer workshop of the European College of Cluny 2017

Call for Applications – Summer workshop of the European College of Cluny 2017


During five days in July, the workshop offers a unique opportunity to around 50 participants from all around Europe and beyond to share their thoughts, ideas and perceptions of Europe and of one of the key issues such as democracy. In this perspective, the seminar of the College of Cluny results in more than 15 years of experience by having already welcomed over 800 European and non-European citizens from around 50 different countries.

What’s going on with democracy in your corner of the world? Along this topic, you’ll discuss one of the most important questions of today’s societies: “the challenge of democracy”, its current state and its perspectives, by taking up the issues of local democracy in a European context. You will get the opportunity to meet and exchange with politicians (local elected officials, regional officials, experts, …) at a local and European level.

Official opening is Wednesday 5th July at 18 pm (reception from 12 pm on), departure Tuesday 11 July in the morning. As an option, we’ll offer the possibility for 10 participants to extend their stay in order to participate in the Summer School of Territorial Public Innovation held by the National Centre for Territorial Public Service (CNFPT) from 10th July to 12th July as a European witness and as a resource person (without any further charges, selection based on motivation). The participants will work on the challenges proposed by the French regional authorities (house of democratic innovation, “zero net energy” territory, bus of “social interaction”, start-ups, …).

The “Cluny method” is based on various fundamental tools such as innovation in the field of education, interdisciplinary and multilingualism in an intercultural atmosphere. The facilitators will invite the participants to develop their autonomy and their self-learning as well as to learn innovative methods that go far beyond traditional methods of conferences and seminaries.

  • Seminars, training sessions and working groups will enable you to develop negotiation skills and to gain an overview of the main issues at stake within the topic
  • Participatory method based on mutual learning

Selection Criteria

  1. Minimum age : candidates must be born before 1st juanary 1997
  2. Personal motivation
  3. Géographic diversity : 3 to 4 candidates per EU member states; 1 to 2 participants for non-European countries
  4. Linguistic competences


200 € – This amount includes accomodation and meals within Abbey. Travel costs are not included in the fees. A number of scholarships will be provided based on income. Please contact us for further information.


  • Download your application (cover letter & resume) here.
  • Background : Apart from languages skills, no other academic or professional qualifications are required. We explicitly encourage participants from various fields to apply.
  • Deadline for applications is the 30th april 2017
  • Candidates selected will be informed by email before 12th may 2017
  • Candidates must confirm their involvement two weeks at the latest after being selected.

Any questions? : [email protected]

The official web-page.

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