Повик за аплицирање за меѓународниот “MediaBarCamp” во Литванија


Call for Applications for International MediaBarCamp 2017, Lithuania

Call for Applications for International MediaBarCamp 2017, Lithuania


Few last remarks before you proceed: Mediabarcamp with INSPIRED BY topic of year 2017 is a four day non-conference event – mostly created and INSPIRED BY participants themselves. Your engagement and wish to share your experience with others is what makes it unique. This year we offer to choose from several possible formats that would be most suitable for you to INSPIRE others and get INSPIRED. The INSPIRED BY @MediaBarCamp will keep a strong focus on regions and intersectional cooperation. Your motivation, desire to network and willingness to become or share experiences of change maker for your local community and country will pave your way to join MediaBarCamp community.

@MediaBarCamp is a space where activists from different spheres gather to share their experience (achievements, tools and approaches that helped them) implementing projects or initiatives. Here activists network and have an opportunity to work together. They INSPIRE one another to come back to local communities with some new ideas or even joint projects to make an impact and proceed with their activism. Participants are creating the most parts of 4 days event at various spaces and several venues by sharing their activism experience, various projects and points of views, sparkling discussions and other initiatives. We believe that everything starts from the person and organisations consisting of people, personalities and TRUE activists. Therefore, we aim to provide a space for personal individual experience sharing focusing more on personal experience learning. @MediaBarCamp is a space where individuals share their experience on activism despite their membership or relation to the organizations/projects/initiatives. We kindly ask activists to share their experience of project/initiative implementation with personal focus. In case there are couple of members of organization/project, we kindly ask to share experience in different ways, focus on different angles – give a personal touch to the experience sharing since each application will be assessed individually.

11-14 May, 2017, Lithuania. Full 4 days participation (2 days MediaBarCamp and 2 days for arrival/departure) is required. There is always a surprise where the MediaBarCamp will take place – the only clear thing is Lithuania. MediaBarCamp has been held in Nida, Dubingiai, Šventoji, Giruliai, Trakai. Place for this year INSPIRED BY will be revealed on 11th of May.


If you are an ACTIVIST from Belarus, Ukraine, Russia or other country from the Eastern Europe you are welcome to join MediaBarCamp community.


Travel (visa expenses and budget/ecological transportation) and accommodation/catering expenses for the eligible and selected candidates on event days are covered by the organizers. The event will take place outside Vilnius. The transfer will be arranged at once for all participants. What is the focus of INSPIRED BY @MediaBarCamp? What’s new in INSPIRED BY @MediaBarCamp this year? How will I know whether I am selected to participate at INSPIRED BY @MediaBarCamp 2017? What is MediaBarCamp Alumni? The language at INSPIRED BY@MediaBarCamp? Who are the organizers of INSPIRED BY@MediaBarCamp? What are the selection criteria?



mediabarcamp criteria

In order to apply, register HERE.

If you have any questions, check the FAQ section or write to:  mediabarcamp@gmail.com

The official web-page.

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