Повик за апликации, Летна школа 2018 во Тирана, Албанија


Call for Applications, PIR Summer School 2018 in Tirana, Albania

Call for Applications, PIR Summer School 2018 in Tirana, Albania


Department of Political Science and International Relations (PIR)

“PIR Summer School 2018”

“The Western Balkans: Recovery, Cooperation and EU Accession”

Epoka University, Tirana, Albania

Monday-Friday, 25-29 June 2018

Course description: This cutting-edge summer course is designed for students and professionals interested in acquiring new or complementing their existing knowledge of Western Balkan politics. While examining a range of ever-present issues, the course places a strong emphasis on the development of critical thinking about current and future challenges as well as possible solutions.

Prerequisites: Some basic knowledge about the Western Balkan region and the European Union is required. The course is of particular interest to students interested in politics and international relations including international political economy, European studies and law.

Eligibility: The summer school is open to all current bachelor, master, PhD students, policy-makers, NGO activists, private sector employees, and is open to all nationalities.

Duration: 1 week (24 hours teaching/seminar time).

Assessment: One, 2,000-word, policy paper (to be submitted within a week after the summer school).

Summer school fee: 200 euro per participant. The fee covers: lectures, transport from/to Tirana centre to/from Epoka campus; lunches at Epoka campus cafeteria; participation certificate.

Travel and accommodation costs: The summer school organizers will not cover travel and accommodation costs of participants coming from outside Tirana and from outside Albania. Tirana is relatively cheap in terms of accommodation. On the summer school days, free transport will be provided to and from Epoka University, with pick-up and drop-off from the centre of Tirana.

How to apply: Please submit 250 words motivation letter with contact details to: [email protected].

Contact person: Ms. Jona Koprencka, E-mail: [email protected].

Deadline for applications: 30 Маy 2018.

Credits: 5 ECTS and 3 Epoka credits. All participants will receive transcripts from Epoka University for their participation to the summer school. Participating students are advised to check credit recognition policy with their home institution.

Venue of the Summer School: Conference Hall E-Building, Epoka University campus, Rinas, Tirana, Albania.

Course conveners:

  1. Dr. Islam Jusufi – Chair.
  2. Dr. Branislav Radeljic (University of East London) – Co-Chair.
  3. Ms. Jona Koprencka – Coordinator.
  4. Ms. Tea Hodaj – Member.
  5. Ms. Klea Vogli – Member.

Preliminary program:

  • Arrival of participants: Any time before 0830 hours, Monday, 25 June 2018.
  • Registration of the participants: 0830-0900 hours, Monday, 25 June 2018.
  • Opening of the Summer School: 0900 hours, Monday, 25 June 2018.
  • Summer School courses and sessions: Monday, 25 June 2018 – Friday, 29 June 2018.
  • Departure of participants: After 1600 hours, Friday, 29 June 2018.


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