Повик за апликации, Летна школа за енергетика во Баку 2018


Call for Applications, Baku Summer Energy School 2018

Call for Applications, Baku Summer Energy School 2018


Baku Summer Energy School (BSES) is an annual two-week certificate program of the Caspian Center for Energy and Environment (CCEE) of ADA University held in July in partnership with the State Oil Company of the Azerbaijan Republic (SOCAR), British Petroleum in Azerbaijan and ExxonMobil. It brings together world-renowned scholars, academicians and policy makers to examine and gain a better understanding of global energy and environment issues and their practical application.



BSES is organized for both national and international specialists dealing with energy and environment related issues:

  • Mid-career professionals from energy companies;
  • Policy-makers and civil servants from governmental institutions, embassies and international organizations;
  • Scholars/journalists/graduate students focusing their research on energy and environmental issue.


Tuition fee for the 2018 Baku Summer Energy School is 2500 EURO. The fee includes teaching materials, local transportation and extra-curricular activities, including field trips, luncheons and a welcome reception. Every year, CCEE grants a limited number of partial tuition scholarships to outstanding participants on the basis of the financial need. Participants must cover their own travel and accommodation costs.

At the participant’s will, he/she can stay at a hotel located in the city center, next to the university or on the shore of the Caspian Sea. ADA enjoys close relationship with a great number of various hotels, and has excellent corporate rates for BSES participants.


All applications received by the deadline will be reviewed by the Selection Committee of the CCEE. Competition is very tough, as class is limited to 40 participants only, while the number of applicants is much higher. Admission decisions will be based on a combination of proven interest, academic merit and professional experience in the energy and environment related fields. A limited number of partial tuition scholarships will be provided to outstanding participants on the basis of the financial need. Preference will be given to self-funded applicants.

To apply for the two-week certificate program, Baku Summer Energy School (BSES), please send the following documents to [email protected]. The deadline is May 15, 2018 GMT 18:00.
  1. Up to date CV: Basic information about applicant, education, employment history, relevant publications, and English language knowledge. The program requires advanced language skills. Applicants with a background in energy and/or environmental areas may add additional relevant information.
  2. Statement of Purpose: In no less than 250 and no more than 400 words, please describe your motivation for applying to this program. Tell us your future goals and career aspirations, and how the BSES program fits in with that vision. Both statement of purpose and scholarship application letters –if the applicant is seeking a scholarship- should be clearly written.
  3. Scholarship Application Letter: CCEE offers limited number of scholarships. Please describe in the Scholarship Application Letter any special family/individual reasons for applying to the CCEE Financial Aid. This section cannot exceed 400 words (minimum 200 and maximum 400 words). It should be noted that the scholarships are limited, and range from 10 to 30 percent of the tuition fee.
  4. Valid Passport copy:    Passport copy for foreign citizens, and ID Card copy for local applicants
  5. Photo:    Passport sized photo of applicant
Incomplete applications, as well as applications submitted after the deadline will not be considered.
For additional information, please contact Ms. Jamila Aliyeva, Assistant to the Dean of School of Public and International Affairs at [email protected].

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