Call for Applications: ISPU Young Scholar Award for Outstanding Research on American Muslims

Call for Applications: ISPU Young Scholar Award for Outstanding Research on American Muslims


ISPU Young Scholar Award for Outstanding Research on American Muslims

Presented by the Institute for Social Policy and Understanding

Deadline: Friday, September 8, 2017


The Young Scholar Award for Outstanding Research on American Muslims, sponsored by the Institute for Social Policy and Understanding, recognizes an emerging leader whose research focuses on American Muslims. At ISPU, we believe that research that enables American Muslims to develop their communities and research that ensures a pluralistic and equitable America is essential. Fortunately, there are young scholars currently pursuing groundbreaking work in this field of research. Not only are these scholars vital to America’s future, but they also deserve to be recognized for their contributions.


The first-place winner will receive a $1,500 prize and an expenses-paid trip to Michigan to receive their award at ISPU’s annual banquet in November. The second- and thirdplace winners will receive $1,000 and $500 prizes, respectively

Applicant Criteria

  • Has conducted research on American Muslims in one of four main focus areas: Family and Wellness, Community Capacity Building, American Muslim Contributions, or American Pluralism.
  • Is currently pursuing a master’s or doctoral degree. Consideration will be given to exceptional upper-level undergraduate students.
  • Must be the lead researcher on the submitted work.
  • Work submitted demonstrates (1) rigorous methodology and sound analysis, (2) relevance to current challenges, (3) that it is filling a gap or meeting a need, and (4) that it is making measurable impact.
  • Applicants may only submit one application.

Conditions of Acceptance

  • The first-place winner must be willing to attend and say a few words at ISPU’s annual banquet event in Dearborn, MI, on Saturday, November 18, where they will receive their award. Travel costs and accommodations will be provided by ISPU.
  • Must respond in a timely fashion to correspondence from ISPU staff members to coordinate their travel arrangements.
  • Flights must be booked at least three weeks prior to the event. ISPU will not cover the increase in fare should the winner fail to respond in a timely fashion.

Selection Process

  • The Young Scholar Award committee, comprised of ISPU Scholars and staff members, will select top candidates from the pool of applicants. The top candidates will be announced to the public, who can vote for the candidate of their choice via social media. The committee will make the final decision on the top 3 winners, taking into account the social media votes.
  • Candidates cannot buy votes (or encourage others to buy votes on their behalf) or they will be disqualified.


The deadline for applications is Friday, September 8, 2017. Applicants should complete the form below, which also contains instructions for submission. Incomplete applications will not be reviewed for consideration. For more information about the Young Scholar Award, please contact Maryam Jamali at [email protected]


In order to apply, register HERE.

Applicants should complete this form and email it by Friday, September 8, 2017 to [email protected].

The official web-page.

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