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Call for Applications, Postdoc Grants for Preparation of Funding Applications

Call for Applications, Postdoc Grants for Preparation of Funding Applications


Please find the Call for Applications here.

We invite for applications for a research/coaching period with the ScienceCampus EEGA in Leipzig, Halle or Jena. The stay may serve the preparation of an application for more extended funding by a national or international science foundation active in the field. The stay at EEGA (Leipzig, Halle, Jena) includes individual coaching by experienced senior researchers and group sessions on intellectual, administrative, organizational and time-specific aspects of writing convincing funding applications and project proposals for submission at third party funding institutions. Applications must be related institutionally to one of the EEGA partner institutions (directly or through existing cooperations) and topically to the research focus of one or more research areas. Preparatory contact with the respective research area coordinators is advised. As EEGA is devoted to interdisciplinary approaches, applications which connect more than one member institution of the ScienceCampus are highly welcome. The support of visits for the execution of individual research projects unrelated to EEGA activities is not foreseen. The duration of the stay relates to the scope and type of the application envisaged. It may not exceed 6 months. Start of funding is possible between 1 January 2019 and 1 April 2019.

The Leibniz ScienceCampus EEGA supports successful applicants substantially in form of coaching sessions and workshops as well as financially in form of individual scholarships (based on the current rates for research fellowships of the German Research Foundation (DFG)). Rates are defined individually, related to origin and employment situation of the scholarship holder, as well as the duration of the stay in Leipzig, Halle or Jena. Fellowships are intended to cover the recipients’ costs
of living in the Leipzig-Jena-Halle science region and may not be used to supplement grants from other funding organizations or income from employment.
Applications must include:

  1.  EEGA Application Form
  2.  CV (incl. Publication List)
  3.  Discussion of potential funding institutions for the envisaged research project (100 – 300 words)

Please submit your application as one PDF (max. 18 pages, 10 MB) to leibniz-eega@ifl-leipzig.de and consider the notes for the specific funding measures the EEGA provides.

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